MongoDB core support.


Interface Summary
DocumentCallbackHandler An interface used by MongoTemplate for processing documents returned from a MongoDB query on a per-document basis.
IndexOperations Index operations on a collection.
MongoOperations Interface that specifies a basic set of MongoDB operations.
WriteConcernResolver A strategy interface to determine the WriteConcern to use for a given MongoDbAction.

Class Summary
CollectionOptions Provides a simple wrapper to encapsulate the variety of settings you can use when creating a collection.
DefaultIndexOperations Default implementation of IndexOperations.
MongoAction Represents an action taken against the collection.
MongoAdmin Mongo server administration exposed via JMX annotations
MongoDbUtils Helper class featuring helper methods for internal MongoDb classes.
MongoExceptionTranslator Simple PersistenceExceptionTranslator for Mongo.
MongoFactoryBean Convenient factory for configuring MongoDB.
MongoOptionsFactoryBean A factory bean for construction of a MongoOptions instance
MongoTemplate Primary implementation of MongoOperations.
QueryMapper A helper class to encapsulate any modifications of a Query object before it gets submitted to the database.
SimpleMongoDbFactory Factory to create DB instances from a Mongo instance.

Enum Summary
MongoActionOperation Enumeration for operations on a collection.

Package Description

MongoDB core support.

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