Interface Summary
ConvertingParameterAccessor.PotentiallyConvertingIterator Custom Iterator that adds a method to access elements in a converted manner.
EntityInformationCreator Interface for components being able to provide EntityInformationCreator for a given Class.
MongoEntityInformation<T,ID extends Serializable> Mongo specific EntityInformation.
MongoParameterAccessor Mongo-specific ParameterAccessor exposing a maximum distance parameter.

Class Summary
AbstractMongoQuery Base class for RepositoryQuery implementations for Mongo.
ConvertingParameterAccessor Custom ParameterAccessor that uses a MongoWriter to serialize parameters into Mongo format.
MongoParameters Custom extension of Parameters discovering additional
MongoParametersParameterAccessor Mongo-specific ParametersParameterAccessor to allow access to the Distance parameter.
MongoQueryMethod TODO - Extract methods for MongoQueryMethod.getAnnotatedQuery() into superclass as it is currently copied from Spring Data JPA
PartTreeMongoQuery RepositoryQuery implementation for Mongo.
QueryUtils Collection of utility methods to apply sorting and pagination to a DBCursor.
StringBasedMongoQuery Query to use a plain JSON String to create the Query to actually execute.

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