All Classes and Interfaces

Abstract base class for auditable entities.
Abstract base class to implement RepositoryQuerys.
Abstract base class for entities.
BeanDefinitionParser for the auditing element.
BeanFactoryPostProcessor that ensures that the AnnotationBeanConfigurerAspect aspect is up and running before the EntityManagerFactory gets created as this already instantiates entity listeners and we need to get injection into Configurable to work in them.
JPA entity listener to capture auditing information on persisting and updating entities.
An exception thrown if the JPQL query is invalid.
Utility methods to work with BeanDefinition instances from BeanFactoryPostProcessors.
Value object to represent a BeanDefinition for an EntityManagerFactory with a dedicated bean name.
A BeanManager-based QueryRewriterProvider.
PersistenceUnitPostProcessor that will scan for classes annotated with Entity or MappedSuperclass and add them to the PersistenceUnit post processed.
A ProjectionFactory considering projections containing collections or maps to be open.
Interface to abstract CrudMethodMetadata that provide the LockModeType to be used for query execution.
Default implementation of JpaContext.
Default implementation for JpaEntityMetadata.
A factory for creating JpaQueryMethod instances.
The implementation of QueryEnhancer using QueryUtils.
RevisionMetadata working with a DefaultRevisionEntity.
Delegating QueryRewriter that delegates rewrite calls to a delegate provided by a Supplier.
Annotation to enable Envers repositories.
Annotation to enable auditing in JPA via annotation configuration.
Annotation to enable JPA repositories.
Annotation to configure the JPA 2.1 EntityGraphs that should be used on repository methods.
Enum for JPA 2.1 EntityGraph types.
BeanFactoryPostProcessor to register a SharedEntityManagerCreator for every EntityManagerFactory bean definition found in the application context to enable autowiring EntityManager instances into constructor arguments.
since 1.1, in favor of simply extending RevisionRepository.
FactoryBean creating RevisionRepository instances.
Repository implementation using Hibernate Envers to implement revision specific query methods.
A value type encapsulating an escape character for LIKE queries and the actually usage of it in escaping Strings.
Utility functions to work with Hibernate.
Signals that we encountered an invalid query method.
Utils for bridging various JPA 2.1 features.
Interface for components to provide useful information about the current JPA setup within the current ApplicationContext.
Special JpaQueryCreator that creates a count projecting query.
EntityGraph configuration for JPA 2.1 EntityGraphs.
Extension of EntityInformation to capture additional JPA specific information about entities.
Base class for JpaEntityInformation implementations to share common method implementations.
JPA specific extension of EntityMetadata.
EvaluationContextExtension to register EscapeCharacter as root object to essentially expose an expose(…) function to SpEL.
Wrapper around the JPA Metamodel to be able to apply some fixes against bugs in provider implementations.
Implementation of EntityInformation that uses JPA Metamodel to find the domain class' id field.
MappingContext implementation based on a Jpa Metamodel.
FactoryBean to setup JpaMetamodelMappingContext instances from Spring configuration.
Custom extension of Parameters discovering additional query parameter annotations.
Custom Parameter implementation adding parameters of type Temporal to the special ones.
ParameterAccessor based on an Parameters instance.
Extension of JpaMetamodelEntityInformation that consideres methods of Persistable to lookup the id.
Interface for a JPA-specific entity.
Interface for a JPA-specific PersistentProperty.
Query creator to create a CriteriaQuery from a PartTree.
Set of classes to contain query execution strategies.
Query lookup strategy to execute finders.
JPA specific extension of QueryMethod.
A factory interface for creating JpaQueryMethodFactory instances.
JPA specific extension of Repository.
JPA specific configuration extension parsing custom attributes from the XML namespace and EnableJpaRepositories annotation.
A RepositoryRegistrationAotProcessor implementation that maintains aot repository setup but skips domain type inspection which is handled by the core framework support for PersistenceManagedTypes.
A portable CDI extension which registers beans for Spring Data JPA repositories.
JPA specific generic repository factory.
Special adapter for Springs FactoryBean interface to allow easy setup of repository factories via Spring configuration.
SPI interface to be implemented by JpaRepository implementations.
Simple namespace handler for repositories namespace.
Sort option for queries that wraps JPA meta-model Attributes for sorting.
Custom Sort.Order that keeps a flag to indicate unsafe property handling, i.e. the String provided is not necessarily a property but can be an arbitrary expression piped into the query execution.
Value object to abstract a collection of Attributes.
Interface to allow execution of Specifications based on the JPA criteria API.
The implementation of QueryEnhancer using JSqlParser.
A utility class for JSqlParser.
JPA 2.1 converters to turn JSR-310 types into legacy Dates.
Delegate for keyset scrolling.
Adapter to construct scroll queries.
Specification to create scroll queries using keyset-scrolling.
Annotation used to specify the LockModeType to be used when executing the query.
Extends DefaultPersistenceUnitManager to merge configurations of one persistence unit residing in multiple persistence.xml files into one.
Annotation to assign metadata to repository operations.
Value object to hold metadata about repository methods.
Indicates a query method should be considered as modifying query as that changes the way it needs to be executed.
Mutable implementation of QueryHints, without the Option to switch between MutableQueryHints.forCounts()/MutableQueryHints.withFetchGraphs(EntityManager) hints.
Provide a set of utility methods to support Pageables.
ParameterBinder is used to bind method parameters to a Query.
A AbstractJpaQuery implementation based on a PartTree.
Enumeration representing persistence providers to be used.
Annotation to declare JPA 2.1 stored procedure mappings directly on repository methods.
Interface for a persistence provider specific accessor of identifiers held in proxies.
Annotation to declare finder queries directly on repository methods.
QueryByExamplePredicateBuilder creates a single CriteriaBuilder.and(Predicate...) combined Predicate for a given Example.
Interface to hide different implementations of query hints that insert comments into a Query.
Helper instance to ease access to Querydsl JPA query API.
Querydsl specific fragment for extending SimpleJpaRepository with an implementation of QuerydslPredicateExecutor.
Instead of this class use QuerydslJpaPredicateExecutor
Base class for implementing repositories using Querydsl library.
This interface describes the API for enhancing a given Query.
Encapsulates different strategies for the creation of a QueryEnhancer from a DeclaredQuery.
Interface to hide different implementations to extract the original JPA query string from a Query.
Wrapper annotation to allow QueryHint annotations to be bound to methods.
QueryHints provides access to query hints defined via CrudMethodMetadata.getQueryHints() QueryHintList()} by default excluding JPA EntityGraph.
Null object implementation of QueryHints.
Value object carrying a query hint consisting of a name/key and a value.
Callback to rewrite a query and apply sorting and pagination settings that cannot be applied based on a regularly detectable scheme.
A QueryRewriter that doesn't change the query.
Provide a QueryRewriter based upon the JpaQueryMethod.
Simple utility class to create JPA queries using the default implementation of a custom parser.
RevisionEntityInformation that uses reflection to inspect a property annotated with RevisionNumber to find out about the revision number type.
Delegate to run scroll queries and create result Window.
Default implementation of the CrudRepository interface.
Specification in the sense of Domain Driven Design.
Annotation to declare an appropriate TemporalType on query method parameters.