Package org.springframework.flex.core

Foundational infrastructure for configuring and bootstrapping BlazeDS in a Spring WebApplicationContext.


Interface Summary
EndpointAdvisor Marker interface for Spring AOP Advisors that apply advice to BlazeDS Endpoints.
ExceptionTranslator Strategy interface that allows for translation of known exception types into BlazeDS MessageExceptions that will propagate proper AMF error message back to the client.
MessageInterceptor Strategy interface for applying custom processing logic to incoming and outgoing AMF Messages
ResourceHandlingMessageInterceptor Extension of the MessageInterceptor interface that adds an additional callback to be invoked after standard message processing is completed.

Class Summary
AbstractDestinationFactory Base class for BlazeDS destination factories.
AbstractServiceConfigProcessor Base MessageBrokerConfigProcessor implementation for handling automatic Service registration with the MessageBroker
AbstractServiceConfigProcessor.CustomSpringAdapter This is simply a marker to denote that a Spring-managed adapter will be injected at the proper initialization point.
CommonsLoggingTarget BlazeDS Logging target that logs messages using standard apache commons-logging.
EndpointConfigProcessor Processor that applies advice to configured BlazeDS endpoints by wrapping them in Spring AOP proxies.
EndpointServiceMessagePointcutAdvisor Static method-matching pointcut advisor that applies security advice to invocations of AbstractEndpoint.serviceMessage(Message).
ExceptionTranslationAdvice Catches Throwable objects and looks for a registered ExceptionTranslator that knows how to translate them to more specific BlazeDS MessageExceptions to be re-thrown so that a proper AMF error will be sent back to the client.
ManageableComponentFactoryBean FactoryBean that allows for the creation of BlazeDS ManageableComponent prototype instances with the appropriate ManageableComponent.initialize(String, ConfigMap) callback after creation.
MessageBrokerFactoryBean FactoryBean that creates a local MessageBroker instance within a Spring web application context.
MessageInterceptionAdvice AOP interceptor that applies any provided MessageInterceptors to the AMF Message being processed.
MessageProcessingContext Context holder for information about the current AMF message processing request.

Package org.springframework.flex.core Description

Foundational infrastructure for configuring and bootstrapping BlazeDS in a Spring WebApplicationContext.