org.springframework.flex.config Configuration support.
org.springframework.flex.config.json Support for handling configuration properties specified as a JSON structure.
org.springframework.flex.config.xml XML namespace configuration support.
org.springframework.flex.core Foundational infrastructure for configuring and bootstrapping BlazeDS in a Spring WebApplicationContext.
org.springframework.flex.messaging Support for creating Spring-managed BlazeDS message destinations.
org.springframework.flex.messaging.integration Bridge layer for exposing Spring Integration message channels as BlazeDS message destinations.
org.springframework.flex.messaging.jms Bridge layer for exposing JMS destinations as BlazeDS message destinations.
org.springframework.flex.remoting Support for exposing Spring-managed services for remoting from a Flex client. Integration support for Spring Security.
org.springframework.flex.security3 Integration support for Spring Security.
org.springframework.flex.servlet Support for routing HTTP-based messages to a Spring-managed MessageBroker through the Java Servlet API.