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Packages that use InputStreamSource Generic abstraction for (file-based) resources, used throughout the framework. 
org.springframework.mail.javamail JavaMail support for Spring's mail infrastructure. Classes supporting the org.springframework.web.context package, such as WebApplicationContext implementations, and a utility class for retrieval of the root application context etc. 

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Subinterfaces of InputStreamSource in
 interface Resource
          Interface for a resource descriptor that abstracts from the actual type of resource, like file or class path resource.

Classes in that implement InputStreamSource
 class AbstractResource
          Convenience base class for Resource implementations, pre-implementing typical behavior.
 class ClassPathResource
          Resource implementation for class path resources.
 class FileSystemResource
          Resource implementation for handles.
 class InputStreamResource
          Resource implementation for a given InputStream.
 class UrlResource
          Resource implementation for locators.

Uses of InputStreamSource in org.springframework.mail.javamail

Methods in org.springframework.mail.javamail with parameters of type InputStreamSource
 void MimeMessageHelper.addAttachment(java.lang.String attachmentFilename, InputStreamSource inputStreamSource)
          Add an attachment to the given MimeMessage, taking the content from an org.springframework.core.InputStreamResource.

Uses of InputStreamSource in

Classes in that implement InputStreamSource
 class ServletContextResource
          Resource implementation for ServletContext resources, interpreting relative paths within the web application root.

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