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Packages that use Controller
org.springframework.remoting.caucho This package provides remoting classes for Caucho's Hessian and Burlap protocols: a proxy factory for accessing Hessian/Burlap services, and an exporter for making beans available to Hessian/Burlap clients.  
org.springframework.remoting.httpinvoker Remoting classes for transparent Java-to-Java remoting via HTTP invokers.  
org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc Standard controller implementations for the MVC framework that comes with Spring.  
org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.multiaction Package allowing MVC Controller implementations to handle requests at method rather than class level.  

Uses of Controller in org.springframework.remoting.caucho

Classes in org.springframework.remoting.caucho that implement Controller
 class BurlapServiceExporter
          Web controller that exports the specified service bean as Burlap service endpoint, accessible via a Burlap proxy.
 class HessianServiceExporter
          Web controller that exports the specified service bean as Hessian service endpoint, accessible via a Hessian proxy.

Uses of Controller in org.springframework.remoting.httpinvoker

Classes in org.springframework.remoting.httpinvoker that implement Controller
 class HttpInvokerServiceExporter
          Web controller that exports the specified service bean as HTTP invoker service endpoint, accessible via an HTTP invoker proxy.

Uses of Controller in org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc

Classes in org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc that implement Controller
 class AbstractCommandController
          Abstract base class for custom command controllers.
 class AbstractController
          Convenient superclass for controller implementations, using the Template Method design pattern.
 class AbstractFormController
          Form controller that autopopulates a form bean from the request.
 class AbstractWizardFormController
          Form controller for typical wizard-style workflows.
 class BaseCommandController
          Controller implementation which creates an object (the command object) on receipt of a request and attempts to populate this object with request parameters.
 class ParameterizableViewController
          Trivial controller that always returns a named view.
 class ServletForwardingController
          Spring Controller implementation that forwards to a named servlet, i.e. the "servlet-name" in web.xml rather than a URL path mapping.
 class ServletWrappingController
          Spring Controller implementation that wraps a servlet instance which it manages internally.
 class SimpleFormController
          Concrete FormController implementation that provides configurable form and success views, and an onSubmit chain for convenient overriding.
 class UrlFilenameViewController
          Controller that transforms the virtual filename at the end of a URL to a view name.

Uses of Controller in org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.multiaction

Classes in org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.multiaction that implement Controller
 class MultiActionController
          Controller implementation that allows multiple request types to be handled by the same class.

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