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Packages that use BeanDefinitionReader Classes supporting the org.springframework.beans.factory package. 
org.springframework.beans.factory.xml Contains an abstract XML-based BeanFactory implementation, including a standard "spring-beans" DTD. 

Uses of BeanDefinitionReader in

Classes in that implement BeanDefinitionReader
 class AbstractBeanDefinitionReader
          Abstract base class for bean definition readers which implement the BeanDefinitionReader interface.
 class PropertiesBeanDefinitionReader
          Bean definition reader for a simple properties format.

Uses of BeanDefinitionReader in org.springframework.beans.factory.xml

Classes in org.springframework.beans.factory.xml that implement BeanDefinitionReader
 class XmlBeanDefinitionReader
          Bean definition reader for XML bean definitions.

Methods in org.springframework.beans.factory.xml that return BeanDefinitionReader
protected  BeanDefinitionReader DefaultXmlBeanDefinitionParser.getBeanDefinitionReader()
          Return the BeanDefinitionReader that this parser has been called from.

Methods in org.springframework.beans.factory.xml with parameters of type BeanDefinitionReader
 int XmlBeanDefinitionParser.registerBeanDefinitions(BeanDefinitionReader reader, Document doc, Resource resource)
          Parse bean definitions from the given DOM document, and register them with the given bean factory.
 int DefaultXmlBeanDefinitionParser.registerBeanDefinitions(BeanDefinitionReader reader, Document doc, Resource resource)
          Parses bean definitions according to the "spring-beans" DTD.

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