Spring Framework

org.springframework.aop Core Spring AOP interfaces, built on AOP Alliance AOP interoperability interfaces.
org.springframework.aop.framework Package containing Spring's basic AOP infrastructure, compliant with the AOP Alliance interfaces.
org.springframework.aop.framework.adapter SPI package allowing Spring AOP framework to handle arbitrary advice types.
org.springframework.aop.framework.autoproxy Bean post-processors for use in ApplicationContexts to simplify AOP usage by automatically creating AOP proxies without the need to use a ProxyFactoryBean.
org.springframework.aop.framework.autoproxy.metadata Support classes for target source creation that is driven by source-level metadata attributes.
org.springframework.aop.framework.autoproxy.target Generic support classes for target source creation.
org.springframework.aop.interceptor Provides miscellaneous interceptor implementations.
org.springframework.aop.support Convenience classes for using Spring's AOP API.
org.springframework.aop.target This package contains implementations of the org.springframework.aop.TargetSource interface.
org.springframework.beans This package contains interfaces and classes for manipulating Java beans.
org.springframework.beans.factory The core package implementing Spring's lightweight Inversion of Control (IoC) container.
org.springframework.beans.factory.access Helper infrastructure to locate and access bean factories.
org.springframework.beans.factory.config SPI interfaces and configuration-related convenience classes for bean factories.
org.springframework.beans.factory.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.beans.factory package.
org.springframework.beans.factory.xml Contains an abstract XML-based BeanFactory implementation, including a standard "spring-beans" DTD.
org.springframework.beans.propertyeditors Properties editors used to convert from String values to object types such as java.util.Properties.
org.springframework.beans.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.beans package, such as utility classes for sorting and holding lists of beans.
org.springframework.cache.ehcache Support classes for the open source cache EHCache, allowing to set up an EHCache CacheManager and Caches as beans in a Spring context.
org.springframework.context This package builds on the beans package to add support for message sources and for the Observer design pattern, and the ability for application objects to obtain resources using a consistent API.
org.springframework.context.access Helper infrastructure to locate and access shared application contexts.
org.springframework.context.event Support classes for application events, like standard context events.
org.springframework.context.i18n Abstraction for determining the current Locale, plus global holder that exposes a thread-bound Locale.
org.springframework.context.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.context package, such as abstract base classes for ApplicationContext implementations and a MessageSource implementation.
org.springframework.core Provides basic classes for exception handling and version detection, and other core helpers that are not specific to any part of the framework.
org.springframework.core.enums Interfaces and classes for type-safe enum support on JDK >= 1.3.
org.springframework.core.io Generic abstraction for (file-based) resources, used throughout the framework.
org.springframework.core.io.support Support classes for Spring's resource abstraction, like a ResourcePatternResolver mechanism.
org.springframework.core.style Support for styling values as Strings, with ToStringCreator as central class.
org.springframework.dao Exception hierarchy enabling sophisticated error handling independent of the data access approach in use.
org.springframework.dao.support Support classes for DAO implementations, providing miscellaneous utility methods.
org.springframework.ejb.access This package contains classes that allow easy access to EJBs.
org.springframework.ejb.support Superclasses to make implementing EJBs simpler and less error-prone, as well as guaranteeing a Spring BeanFactory is available to EJBs.
org.springframework.jca.cci This package contains Spring's support for the Common Client Interface (CCI), as defined by the J2EE Connector Architecture.
org.springframework.jca.cci.connection Provides a utility class for easy ConnectionFactory access, a PlatformTransactionManager for local CCI transactions, and various simple ConnectionFactory proxies/adapters.
org.springframework.jca.cci.core Provides the core JCA CCI support, based on CciTemplate and its associated callback interfaces.
org.springframework.jca.cci.core.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.jca.cci.core package.
org.springframework.jca.cci.object The classes in this package represent EIS operations as threadsafe, reusable objects.
org.springframework.jca.support Provides generic support classes for JCA usage within Spring, mainly for local setup of a JCA ConnectionFactory.
org.springframework.jdbc The classes in this package make JDBC easier to use and reduce the likelihood of common errors.
org.springframework.jdbc.core Provides the core JDBC framework, based on JdbcTemplate and its associated callback interfaces and helper objects.
org.springframework.jdbc.core.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.jdbc.core package.
org.springframework.jdbc.datasource Provides a utility class for easy DataSource access, a PlatformTransactionManager for a single DataSource, and various simple DataSource implementations.
org.springframework.jdbc.object The classes in this package represent RDBMS queries, updates, and stored procedures as threadsafe, reusable objects.
org.springframework.jdbc.support Support classes for the JDBC framework, used by the classes in the jdbc.core and jdbc.object packages.
org.springframework.jdbc.support.incrementer Provides a support framework for incrementing database table values via sequences, with implementations for various databases.
org.springframework.jdbc.support.lob Provides a stategy interface for Large OBject handling, with implementations for various databases.
org.springframework.jdbc.support.nativejdbc Provides a mechanism for extracting native implementations of JDBC interfaces from wrapper objects that got returned from connection pools.
org.springframework.jdbc.support.rowset Provides a convenient holder for disconnected result sets.
org.springframework.jms This package contains integration classes for JMS, allowing for Spring-style JMS access.
org.springframework.jms.connection Provides a PlatformTransactionManager implementation for a single JMS ConnectionFactory, and a SingleConnectionFactory adapter.
org.springframework.jms.core Core package of the JMS support.
org.springframework.jms.core.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.jms.core package.
org.springframework.jms.support This package provides generic JMS support classes, to be used by higher-level classes like JmsTemplate.
org.springframework.jms.support.converter Provides a MessageConverter abstraction to convert between Java objects and JMS messages.
org.springframework.jms.support.destination Support classes for Spring's JMS framework.
org.springframework.jmx This package contains Spring's JMX support, which includes registration of Spring-managed beans as JMX MBeans as well as access to remote JMX MBeans.
org.springframework.jmx.access Provides proxy support for accessing MBean resources through standard Java interfaces.
org.springframework.jmx.export This package provides declarative creation and registration of Spring-managed beans as JMX MBeans.
org.springframework.jmx.export.annotation JDK 1.5+ annotations for MBean exposure.
org.springframework.jmx.export.assembler Provides a strategy for MBeanInfo assembly.
org.springframework.jmx.export.metadata Provides generic JMX metadata classes and basic support for reading JMX metadata in a provider-agnostic manner.
org.springframework.jmx.export.naming Provides a strategy for ObjectName creation.
org.springframework.jmx.support Contains support classes for connecting to local and remote MBeanServers and for exposing an MBeanServer to remote clients.
org.springframework.jndi The classes in this package make JNDI easier to use, facilitating the accessing of configuration stored in JNDI, and provide useful superclasses for JNDI access classes.
org.springframework.mail Spring's generic mail infrastructure.
org.springframework.mail.cos MailSender implementation that uses Jason Hunter's COS (com.oreilly.servlet)
org.springframework.mail.javamail JavaMail support for Spring's mail infrastructure.
org.springframework.metadata Package defining a facade for accessing source-level metadata attributes at runtime.
org.springframework.metadata.commons Attributes wrapper for Commons Attributes.
org.springframework.mock.jndi The simplest implementation of the JNDI SPI that could possibly work.
org.springframework.mock.web A comprehensive set of Servlet API mock objects, targeted at usage with Spring's web MVC framework.
org.springframework.orm Root package for Spring's O/R Mapping integration classes.
org.springframework.orm.hibernate Package providing integration of Hibernate 2.1 with Spring concepts.
org.springframework.orm.hibernate.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.hibernate package.
org.springframework.orm.hibernate3 Package providing integration of Hibernate3 with Spring concepts.
org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.annotation Support package for the Hibernate3 Annotation add-on, which supports EJB3-compliant JDK 1.5+ annotations for mappings.
org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.hibernate3 package.
org.springframework.orm.ibatis Package providing integration of iBATIS Database Layer with Spring concepts.
org.springframework.orm.ibatis.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.ibatis package.
org.springframework.orm.jdo Package providing integration of JDO (Java Date Objects) with Spring concepts.
org.springframework.orm.jdo.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.jdo package.
org.springframework.orm.ojb Package providing integration of Apache OJB with Spring concepts.
org.springframework.orm.ojb.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.ojb package.
org.springframework.orm.toplink Package providing integration of Oracle TopLink with Spring concepts.
org.springframework.orm.toplink.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.toplink package.
org.springframework.remoting Exception hierarchy for Spring's remoting infrastructure, independent of any specific remote method invocation system.
org.springframework.remoting.caucho This package provides remoting classes for Caucho's Hessian and Burlap protocols: a proxy factory for accessing Hessian/Burlap services, and an exporter for making beans available to Hessian/Burlap clients.
org.springframework.remoting.httpinvoker Remoting classes for transparent Java-to-Java remoting via HTTP invokers.
org.springframework.remoting.jaxrpc Remoting classes for Web Services via JAX-RPC.
org.springframework.remoting.rmi Remoting classes for conventional RMI and transparent remoting via RMI invokers.
org.springframework.remoting.support Generic support classes for remoting implementations.
org.springframework.scheduling.quartz Support classes for the open source scheduler Quartz, allowing to set up Quartz Schedulers, JobDetails and Triggers as beans in a Spring context.
org.springframework.scheduling.support Generic support classes for scheduling.
org.springframework.scheduling.timer Scheduling convenience classes for the JDK 1.3+ Timer, allowing to set up Timers and ScheduledTimerTasks as beans in a Spring context.
org.springframework.test Superclasses for tests requiring Spring application contexts, including support for transactional execution of test cases, with automatic rollback on completion.
org.springframework.transaction Exception hierarchy for Spring's transaction infrastructure, independent of any specific transaction management system.
org.springframework.transaction.annotation JDK 1.5+ annotation for transaction demarcation.
org.springframework.transaction.interceptor AOP-based solution for declarative transaction demarcation.
org.springframework.transaction.jta Transaction SPI implementation for JTA.
org.springframework.transaction.support Support classes for the org.springframework.transaction package.
org.springframework.ui.context Contains classes defining the application context subinterface for UI applications.
org.springframework.ui.context.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.ui.context package.
org.springframework.ui.freemarker Support classes for setting up FreeMarker within a Spring application context.
org.springframework.ui.jasperreports Support classes for JasperReports.
org.springframework.ui.velocity Support classes for setting up Velocity within a Spring application context.
org.springframework.util Miscellaneous utility classes, such as String manipulation utilities, a Log4J configurer, and a state holder for paged lists of objects.
org.springframework.util.comparator Useful generic java.util.Comparator implementations, such as an invertible comparator and a compound comparator.
org.springframework.util.xml Miscellaneous utility classes for XML parsing and transformation, such as error handlers that log warnings via Commons Logging.
org.springframework.validation Provides data binding and validation functionality, for usage in business and/or UI layers.
org.springframework.web.bind Provides web-specific data binding functionality, including a utility class for easy invocation of binding and validation.
org.springframework.web.context Contains the application context subinterface for web applications, and the ContextLoaderListener that bootstraps the root web application context.
org.springframework.web.context.support Classes supporting the org.springframework.web.context package, such as WebApplicationContext implementations, and a utility class for retrieval of the root application context etc.
org.springframework.web.filter Provides generic filter base classes allowing for bean-style configuration.
org.springframework.web.jsf Support classes for integrating a JSF web tier with a Spring middle tier which is hosted in a Spring root WebApplicationContext.
org.springframework.web.multipart Multipart resolution framework for handling file uploads.
org.springframework.web.multipart.commons MultipartResolver implementation for Jakarta Commons FileUpload.
org.springframework.web.multipart.cos MultipartResolver implementation for Jason Hunter's COS (com.oreilly.servlet).
org.springframework.web.multipart.support Support classes for the multipart resolution framework.
org.springframework.web.servlet Provides servlets that integrate with the application context infrastructure, and the core interfaces and classes for the Spring web MVC framework.
org.springframework.web.servlet.handler Provides standard HandlerMapping implementations, including abstract base classes for custom implementations.
org.springframework.web.servlet.handler.metadata This package enables automatic web controller targeting.
org.springframework.web.servlet.i18n Locale support classes for Spring's web MVC framework.
org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc Standard controller implementations for the MVC framework that comes with Spring.
org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.multiaction Package allowing MVC Controller implementations to handle requests at method rather than class level.
org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.throwaway Throwaway command controllers are a WebWork/Maverick-style alternative to Spring's default Servlet/Struts-style Controller approach.
org.springframework.web.servlet.support Support classes for Spring's web MVC framework.
org.springframework.web.servlet.tags Spring's standard custom tag library.
org.springframework.web.servlet.theme Theme support classes for Spring's web MVC framework.
org.springframework.web.servlet.view Provides standard View and ViewResolver implementations, including abstract base classes for custom implementations.
org.springframework.web.servlet.view.document Support classes for document generation, providing View implementations for PDF and Excel.
org.springframework.web.servlet.view.freemarker Support classes for the integration of FreeMarker as Spring web view technology.
org.springframework.web.servlet.view.jasperreports Support classes for the integration of JasperReports as Spring web view technology.
org.springframework.web.servlet.view.tiles Support classes for the integration of Tiles (included in Struts) as Spring web view technology.
org.springframework.web.servlet.view.velocity Support classes for the integration of Velocity as Spring web view technology.
org.springframework.web.servlet.view.xslt Support classes for XSLT, providing a View implementation for XSLT stylesheets.
org.springframework.web.struts Support classes for integrating a Struts web tier with a Spring middle tier which is typically hosted in a Spring root WebApplicationContext.
org.springframework.web.util Miscellaneous web utility classes, such as HTML escaping, Log4J initialization, and cookie handling.


Copyright (c) 2002-2007 The Spring Framework Project.