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Packages that use ResourceHolderSupport
org.springframework.jca.cci.connection Provides a utility class for easy ConnectionFactory access, a PlatformTransactionManager for local CCI transactions, and various simple ConnectionFactory proxies/adapters. 
org.springframework.orm.hibernate Package providing integration of Hibernate 2.1 with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.orm.jdo Package providing integration of JDO (Java Date Objects) with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.orm.ojb Package providing integration of Apache OJB with Spring concepts. 

Uses of ResourceHolderSupport in org.springframework.jca.cci.connection

Subclasses of ResourceHolderSupport in org.springframework.jca.cci.connection
 class ConnectionHolder
          Connection holder, wrapping a CCI Connection.

Uses of ResourceHolderSupport in org.springframework.orm.hibernate

Subclasses of ResourceHolderSupport in org.springframework.orm.hibernate
 class SessionHolder
          Session holder, wrapping a Hibernate Session and a Hibernate Transaction.

Uses of ResourceHolderSupport in org.springframework.orm.jdo

Subclasses of ResourceHolderSupport in org.springframework.orm.jdo
 class PersistenceManagerHolder
          Holder wrapping a JDO PersistenceManager.

Uses of ResourceHolderSupport in org.springframework.orm.ojb

Subclasses of ResourceHolderSupport in org.springframework.orm.ojb
 class PersistenceBrokerHolder
          Holder wrapping an OJB PersistenceBroker.

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