Generic support classes for target source creation.


Class Summary
AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSourceCreator Convenient superclass for TargetSourceCreators that require creating multiple instances of a prototype bean.
AbstractPoolingTargetSourceCreator Convenient superclass for TargetSource creators that create pooling TargetSources.
LazyInitTargetSourceCreator TargetSourceCreator that enforces a LazyInitTargetSource for each bean that is defined as "lazy-init".
PoolingAttribute Simple pooling attribute that can drive automatic creation of a TargetSource.
QuickTargetSourceCreator Convenient TargetSourceCreator using bean name prefixes to create one of three well-known TargetSource types: : CommonsPoolTargetSource % ThreadLocalTargetSource !

Package Description

Generic support classes for target source creation.

Copyright (c) 2002-2007 The Spring Framework Project.