Package org.springframework.aop.interceptor

Provides miscellaneous interceptor implementations.


Class Summary
AbstractMonitoringInterceptor Base class for monitoring interceptors, such as performance monitors.
AbstractPerformanceMonitorInterceptor Deprecated. since Spring 1.2.7: use AbstractMonitoringInterceptor instead
AbstractTraceInterceptor Base MethodInterceptor implementation for tracing.
ClassLoaderAnalyzerInterceptor Trivial classloader analyzer interceptor.
ConcurrencyThrottleInterceptor Interceptor that throttles concurrent access, blocking invocations if a specified concurrency limit is reached.
CustomizableTraceInterceptor MethodInterceptor implementation that allows for highly customizable method-level tracing, using placeholders.
DebugInterceptor AOP Alliance MethodInterceptor that can be introduced in a chain to display verbose information about intercepted invocations to the logger.
ExposeInvocationInterceptor Interceptor that exposes the current MethodInvocation.
JamonPerformanceMonitorInterceptor Performance monitor interceptor that uses JAMon library to perform the performance measurement on the intercepted method and output the stats.
PerformanceMonitorInterceptor Simple AOP Alliance MethodInterceptor for performance monitoring.
SimpleTraceInterceptor Simple AOP Alliance MethodInterceptor that can be introduced in a chain to display verbose trace information about intercepted method invocations, with method entry and method exit info.
TraceInterceptor Deprecated. since Spring 1.2: in favor of SimpleTraceInterceptor

Package org.springframework.aop.interceptor Description

Provides miscellaneous interceptor implementations. More specific interceptors can be found in corresponding functionality packages, like "transaction" and "orm".

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