Class CachedIntrospectionResults

  extended by org.springframework.beans.CachedIntrospectionResults

final class CachedIntrospectionResults
extends Object

Internal class that caches JavaBeans PropertyDescriptor information for a Java class. Not intended for direct use by application code.

Necessary as Introspector.getBeanInfo() in JDK 1.3 will return a new deep copy of the BeanInfo every time we ask for it. We take the opportunity to cache property descriptors by method name for fast lookup. Furthermore, we do our own caching of descriptors here, rather than rely on the JDK's system-wide BeanInfo cache (to avoid leaks on ClassLoader shutdown).

Information is cached statically, so we don't need to create new objects of this class for every JavaBean we manipulate. Hence, this class implements the factory design pattern, using a private constructor and a static forClass(Class) factory method to obtain instances.

05 May 2001
Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
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Method Summary
static CachedIntrospectionResults forClass(Class beanClass)
          Create CachedIntrospectionResults for the given bean class.
 Class getBeanClass()
 BeanInfo getBeanInfo()
 PropertyDescriptor getPropertyDescriptor(String propertyName)
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Method Detail


public static CachedIntrospectionResults forClass(Class beanClass)
                                           throws BeansException
Create CachedIntrospectionResults for the given bean class.

We don't want to use synchronization here. Object references are atomic, so we can live with doing the occasional unnecessary lookup at startup only.

beanClass - the bean class to analyze
the corresponding CachedIntrospectionResults
BeansException - in case of introspection failure


public BeanInfo getBeanInfo()


public Class getBeanClass()


public PropertyDescriptor getPropertyDescriptor(String propertyName)

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