Package org.springframework.beans

This package contains interfaces and classes for manipulating Java beans.


Interface Summary
BeanWrapper The central interface of Spring's low-level JavaBeans infrastructure.
PropertyAccessor Common interface for classes that can access bean properties.
PropertyEditorRegistrar Interface for strategies that register custom property editors with a property editor registry.
PropertyEditorRegistry Encapsulates methods for registering JavaBeans PropertyEditors.
PropertyValues Object containing 0 or more PropertyValue objects comprising one update.

Class Summary
BeanUtils Static convenience methods for JavaBeans: for instantiating beans, checking bean property types, copying bean properties, etc.
BeanWrapperImpl Default BeanWrapper implementation that should be sufficient for all typical use cases.
CachedIntrospectionResults Internal class that caches JavaBeans PropertyDescriptor information for a Java class.
MutablePropertyValues Default implementation of the PropertyValues interface.
PropertyAccessorUtils Utility methods for classes that perform bean property access according to the PropertyAccessor interface.
PropertyEditorRegistrySupport Base implementation of the PropertyEditorRegistry interface.
PropertyValue Class to hold information and value for an individual property.
PropertyValuesEditor Editor for PropertyValues objects.

Exception Summary
BeanInstantiationException Exception thrown when instantiation of a bean failed.
BeansException Abstract superclass for all exceptions thrown in the beans package and subpackages.
FatalBeanException Thrown on an unrecoverable problem encountered in the beans packages or sub-packages, e.g. bad class or field.
InvalidPropertyException Exception thrown when referring to an invalid bean property.
MethodInvocationException Thrown when a bean property getter or setter method throws an exception, analogous to an InvocationTargetException.
NotReadablePropertyException Exception thrown on an attempt to get the value of a property that isn't readable, because there's no getter method.
NotWritablePropertyException Exception thrown on an attempt to set the value of a property that isn't writable, because there's no setter method.
NullValueInNestedPathException Exception thrown when navigation of a valid nested property path encounters a NullPointerException.
PropertyAccessException Superclass for exceptions related to a property access, such as type mismatch or invocation target exception.
PropertyAccessExceptionsException Combined exception, composed of individual binding propertyAccessExceptions.
TypeMismatchException Exception thrown on a type mismatch when trying to set a bean property.

Package org.springframework.beans Description

This package contains interfaces and classes for manipulating Java beans. It is used by most other Spring packages.

A BeanWrapper object may be used to set and get bean properties, singly or in bulk.

The classes in this package are discussed in Chapter 11 of Expert One-On-One J2EE Design and Development by Rod Johnson (Wrox, 2002).

Copyright (c) 2002-2007 The Spring Framework Project.