Interface InputStreamSource

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AbstractResource, ByteArrayResource, ClassPathResource, DescriptiveResource, FileSystemResource, InputStreamResource, ServletContextResource, UrlResource

public interface InputStreamSource

Simple interface for objects that are sources for a Base interface for Spring's more extensive Resource interface.

Useful as an abstract content source for mail attachments, for example. Spring's ByteArrayResource or any file-based Resource implementation can be used as concrete instance, allowing to read the underlying content stream multiple times. For single-use streams, InputStreamResource can be used for any given InputStream.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
InputStream, Resource, InputStreamResource, ByteArrayResource

Method Summary
 InputStream getInputStream()
          Return an InputStream.

Method Detail


InputStream getInputStream()
                           throws IOException
Return an InputStream. It is expected that each call creates a fresh stream.

For creating mail attachments, note that JavaMail needs to be able to read the stream multiple times. For such a use case, it is required that each getInputStream() call returns a fresh stream.

IOException - if the stream could not be opened
See Also:
MimeMessageHelper.addAttachment(String, InputStreamSource)

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