Generic abstraction for (file-based) resources, used throughout the framework.


Interface Summary
InputStreamSource Simple interface for objects that are sources for a
Resource Interface for a resource descriptor that abstracts from the actual type of underlying resource, such as a file or class path resource.
ResourceLoader Interface to be implemented by objects that can load resources.

Class Summary
AbstractResource Convenience base class for Resource implementations, pre-implementing typical behavior.
ByteArrayResource Resource implementation for a given byte array.
ClassPathResource Resource implementation for class path resources.
DefaultResourceLoader Default implementation of the ResourceLoader interface.
DescriptiveResource Simple Resource implementation that holds a resource description but does not point to an actually readable resource.
FileSystemResource Resource implementation for handles.
FileSystemResourceLoader ResourceLoader implementation that resolves paths as file system resources rather than as class path resources (DefaultResourceLoader's strategy).
InputStreamResource Resource implementation for a given InputStream.
ResourceEditor Editor for Resource descriptors, to automatically convert String locations (e.g.
UrlResource Resource implementation for locators.

Package Description

Generic abstraction for (file-based) resources, used throughout the framework.

Copyright (c) 2002-2007 The Spring Framework Project.