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Packages that use DataBinder
org.springframework.validation Provides data binding and validation functionality, for usage in business and/or UI layers. 
org.springframework.web.bind Provides web-specific data binding functionality, including a utility class for easy invocation of binding and validation. 

Uses of DataBinder in org.springframework.validation

Methods in org.springframework.validation with parameters of type DataBinder
 void PropertyEditorRegistrar.registerCustomEditors(DataBinder binder)
          Deprecated. Register custom PropertyEditors with the given DataBinder.

Uses of DataBinder in org.springframework.web.bind

Subclasses of DataBinder in org.springframework.web.bind
 class ServletRequestDataBinder
          Special DataBinder to perform data binding from servlet request parameters to JavaBeans, including support for multipart files.
 class WebDataBinder
          Special DataBinder to perform data binding from web request parameters to JavaBeans.

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