Class PropertySource.StubPropertySource

  extended by org.springframework.core.env.PropertySource<Object>
      extended by org.springframework.core.env.PropertySource.StubPropertySource
Enclosing class:

public static class PropertySource.StubPropertySource
extends PropertySource<Object>

PropertySource to be used as a placeholder in cases where an actual property source cannot be eagerly initialized at application context creation time. For example, a ServletContext-based property source must wait until the ServletContext object is available to its enclosing ApplicationContext. In such cases, a stub should be used to hold the intended default position/order of the property source, then be replaced during context refresh.

See Also:
AbstractApplicationContext.initPropertySources(), StandardServletEnvironment, ServletContextPropertySource

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logger, name, source
Constructor Summary
PropertySource.StubPropertySource(String name)
Method Summary
 String getProperty(String name)
          Always return null.
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Constructor Detail


public PropertySource.StubPropertySource(String name)
Method Detail


public String getProperty(String name)
Always return null.

Specified by:
getProperty in class PropertySource<Object>
name - the property to find
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