Package org.springframework.core

Provides basic classes for exception handling and version detection, and other core helpers that are not specific to any part of the framework.


Interface Summary
AliasRegistry Common interface for managing aliases.
AttributeAccessor Interface defining a generic contract for attaching and accessing metadata to/from arbitrary objects.
ConcurrentMap Deprecated. as of Spring 3.0, since standard ConcurrentMap is available on Java 5+ anyway
ControlFlow Interface to be implemented by objects that can return information about the current call stack.
ErrorCoded Interface that can be implemented by exceptions etc that are error coded.
InfrastructureProxy Interface to be implemented by transparent resource proxies that need to be considered as equal to the underlying resource, for example for consistent lookup key comparisons.
Ordered Interface that can be implemented by objects that should be orderable, for example in a Collection.
ParameterNameDiscoverer Interface to discover parameter names for methods and constructors.
PriorityOrdered Extension of the Ordered interface, expressing a 'priority' ordering: Order values expressed by PriorityOrdered objects always apply before order values of 'plain' Ordered values.
SmartClassLoader Interface to be implemented by a reloading-aware ClassLoader (e.g.

Class Summary
AttributeAccessorSupport Support class for AttributeAccessors, providing a base implementation of all methods.
BridgeMethodResolver Helper for resolving synthetic bridge Methods to the Method being bridged.
CollectionFactory Factory for collections, being aware of Java 5 and Java 6 collections.
ConfigurableObjectInputStream Special ObjectInputStream subclass that resolves class names against a specific ClassLoader.
Constants This class can be used to parse other classes containing constant definitions in public static final members.
ControlFlowFactory Static factory to conceal the automatic choice of the ControlFlow implementation class.
Conventions Provides methods to support various naming and other conventions used throughout the framework.
DecoratingClassLoader Base class for decorating ClassLoaders such as OverridingClassLoader and ShadowingClassLoader, providing common handling of excluded packages and classes.
ExceptionDepthComparator Comparator capable of sorting exceptions based on their depth from the thrown exception type.
GenericCollectionTypeResolver Helper class for determining element types of collections and maps.
GenericTypeResolver Helper class for resolving generic types against type variables.
JdkVersion Internal helper class used to find the Java/JVM version that Spring is operating on, to allow for automatically adapting to the present platform's capabilities.
LocalVariableTableParameterNameDiscoverer Implementation of ParameterNameDiscoverer that uses the LocalVariableTable information in the method attributes to discover parameter names.
MethodParameter Helper class that encapsulates the specification of a method parameter, i.e.
NamedInheritableThreadLocal<T> InheritableThreadLocal subclass that exposes a specified name as NamedInheritableThreadLocal.toString() result (allowing for introspection).
NamedThreadLocal<T> ThreadLocal subclass that exposes a specified name as NamedThreadLocal.toString() result (allowing for introspection).
NestedExceptionUtils Helper class for implementing exception classes which are capable of holding nested exceptions.
OrderComparator Comparator implementation for Ordered objects, sorting by order value ascending (resp.
OverridingClassLoader ClassLoader that does not always delegate to the parent loader, as normal class loaders do.
PrioritizedParameterNameDiscoverer ParameterNameDiscoverer implementation that tries several ParameterNameDiscoverers in succession.
SimpleAliasRegistry Simple implementation of the AliasRegistry interface.
SpringVersion Class that exposes the Spring version.

Exception Summary
ConstantException Exception thrown when the Constants class is asked for an invalid constant name.
NestedCheckedException Handy class for wrapping checked Exceptions with a root cause.
NestedIOException Subclass of IOException that properly handles a root cause, exposing the root cause just like NestedChecked/RuntimeException does.
NestedRuntimeException Handy class for wrapping runtime Exceptions with a root cause.

Package org.springframework.core Description

Provides basic classes for exception handling and version detection, and other core helpers that are not specific to any part of the framework.