Package org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.embedded

Provides extensible support for creating embedded database instances.


Interface Summary
ConnectionProperties DataSourceFactory helper that allows essential JDBC connection properties to be configured consistently, independent of the actual DataSource implementation.
DataSourceFactory Encapsulates the creation of a particular DataSource implementation, such as a SimpleDriverDataSource or connection pool such as Apache DBCP or C3P0.
EmbeddedDatabase A handle to an EmbeddedDatabase instance.
EmbeddedDatabaseConfigurer Encapsulates the configuration required to create, connect to, and shutdown a specific type of embedded database such as HSQL or H2.

Class Summary
EmbeddedDatabaseBuilder A builder that provides a convenient API for constructing an embedded database.
EmbeddedDatabaseFactory Creates a EmbeddedDatabase instance.
EmbeddedDatabaseFactoryBean A subclass of EmbeddedDatabaseFactory that implements FactoryBean for registration as a Spring bean.
OutputStreamFactory Internal helper for exposing dummy OutputStreams to embedded databases such as Derby, preventing the creation of a log file.

Enum Summary
EmbeddedDatabaseType A supported embedded database type.

Package org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.embedded Description

Provides extensible support for creating embedded database instances.