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Class org.springframework.test.context.ContextConfigurationAttributes

Added Constructors
ContextConfigurationAttributes(Class<?>, String[], Class[], boolean, Class[], boolean, String, Class<ContextLoader>) Construct a new ContextConfigurationAttributes instance for the Class test class that declared the @ContextConfiguration annotation and its corresponding attributes.

Added Methods
boolean equals(Object) Determine if the supplied object is equal to this {@code ContextConfigurationAttributes} instance by comparing both object's #getDeclaringClass() declaring class, #getLocations() locations, #getClasses() annotated classes, #isInheritLocations() inheritLocations flag, #getInitializers() context initializer classes, #isInheritInitializers() inheritInitializers flag, and the ContextLoader class.
String getName() Get the name of the context hierarchy level that was declared via @ContextConfiguration.
int hashCode() Generate a unique hash code for all properties of this {@code ContextConfigurationAttributes} instance excluding the #getName() name.