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Package org.springframework.test.context

Added Classes
CacheAwareContextLoaderDelegate {@code CacheAwareContextLoaderDelegate} loads application contexts from MergedContextConfiguration by delegating to the ContextLoader configured in the {@code MergedContextConfiguration} and interacting transparently with the ContextCache behind the scenes.
ContextHierarchy {@code @ContextHierarchy} is a class-level annotation that is used to define a hierarchy of ApplicationContexts for integration tests.

Changed Classes
ContextConfigurationAttributes {@code ContextConfigurationAttributes} encapsulates the context configuration attributes declared on a test class via @ContextConfiguration.
MergedContextConfiguration {@code MergedContextConfiguration} encapsulates the merged context configuration declared on a test class and all of its superclasses via @ContextConfiguration and @ActiveProfiles.
TestContext {@code TestContext} encapsulates the context in which a test is executed, agnostic of the actual testing framework in use.