Uses of Interface

Packages that use WebSocketSession
Common abstractions and Spring configuration support for WebSocket applications.
Classes adapting Spring's WebSocket API to and from WebSocket providers.
Adapter classes for the Jetty WebSocket API.
Adapter classes for the standard Jakarta WebSocket API.
Client-side abstractions for WebSocket applications.
Client-side support for the Jetty WebSocket API.
Client-side classes for use with standard Jakarta WebSocket endpoints.
Convenient WebSocketHandler implementations and decorators.
WebSocket integration for Spring's messaging module.
SockJS client implementation of WebSocketClient.
Server-side support for SockJS transports including TransportHandler implementations for processing incoming requests, their session counterparts for sending messages over the various transports, and DefaultSockJsService.
TransportHandler implementation classes as well as a concrete SockJsService.
SockJS specific implementations of WebSocketSession.