Interface TransportRequest

public interface TransportRequest
Exposes information, typically to Transport and session implementations, about a request to connect to a SockJS server endpoint over a given transport.

Note that a single request to connect via SockJsClient may result in multiple instances of TransportRequest, one for each transport before a connection is successfully established.

Rossen Stoyanchev
  • Method Details

    • getSockJsUrlInfo

      SockJsUrlInfo getSockJsUrlInfo()
      Return information about the SockJS URL including server and session ID.
    • getHandshakeHeaders

      HttpHeaders getHandshakeHeaders()
      Return the headers to send with the connect request.
    • getHttpRequestHeaders

      HttpHeaders getHttpRequestHeaders()
      Return the headers to add to all other HTTP requests besides the handshake request such as XHR receive and send requests.
    • getTransportUrl

      URI getTransportUrl()
      Return the transport URL for the given transport.

      For an XhrTransport this is the URL for receiving messages.

    • getUser

      @Nullable Principal getUser()
      Return the user associated with the request, if any.
    • getMessageCodec

      SockJsMessageCodec getMessageCodec()
      Return the message codec to use for encoding SockJS messages.
    • addTimeoutTask

      void addTimeoutTask(Runnable runnable)
      Register a timeout cleanup task to invoke if the SockJS session is not fully established within the calculated retransmission timeout period.