Uses of Class

Packages that use MimeType
Encoder and Decoder abstractions to convert between a reactive stream of bytes and Java objects.
Contains a basic abstraction over client/server-side HTTP.
Provides implementations of Encoder and Decoder for web use.
CBOR encoder and decoder support.
JSON encoder and decoder support.
Provides an encoder and a decoder for Google Protocol Buffers.
XML encoder and decoder support.
Provides support for message conversion.
Support classes for working with annotated message-handling methods with non-blocking, reactive contracts.
Support for the RSocket protocol.
Support classes for working with annotated RSocket stream handling methods.
Annotations to declare an RSocket service contract with request methods along with a proxy factory backed by an RSocketRequester.
Generic support for simple messaging protocols (like STOMP).
Provides implementations of Message along with a MessageBuilder and MessageHeaderAccessor for building and working with messages and message headers, as well as various MessageChannel implementations and channel interceptor support.
Miscellaneous utility classes, such as utilities for working with strings, classes, collections, reflection, etc.