Interface Rendering

public interface Rendering
Public API for HTML rendering. Supported as a return value in Spring WebFlux controllers. Comparable to the use of ModelAndView as a return value in Spring MVC controllers.

Controllers typically return a String view name and rely on the "implicit" model which can also be injected into the controller method. Or controllers may return model attribute(s) and rely on a default view name being selected based on the request path.

Rendering can be used to combine a view name with model attributes, set the HTTP status or headers, and for other more advanced options around redirect scenarios.

Rossen Stoyanchev
  • Method Details

    • view

      Return the selected String view name or View object.
    • modelAttributes

      Map<String,Object> modelAttributes()
      Return attributes to add to the model.
    • status

      Return the HTTP status to set the response to.
    • headers

      HttpHeaders headers()
      Return headers to add to the response.
    • view

      static Rendering.Builder<?> view(String name)
      Create a new builder for response rendering based on the given view name.
      name - the view name to be resolved to a View
      the builder
    • redirectTo

      static Rendering.RedirectBuilder redirectTo(String url)
      Create a new builder for a redirect through a RedirectView.
      url - the redirect URL
      the builder