Class QueryByExampleDataFetcher<T>

Type Parameters:
T - returned result type

public abstract class QueryByExampleDataFetcher<T> extends Object
Main class to create a DataFetcher from a Query By Example repository. To create an instance, use one of the following:

For example:

 interface BookRepository extends
         Repository<Book, String>, QueryByExampleExecutor<Book>{}

 TypeRuntimeWiring wiring = … ;
 BookRepository repository = … ;

 DataFetcher<?> forMany =
         wiring.dataFetcher("books", QueryByExampleDataFetcher.builder(repository).many());

 DataFetcher<?> forSingle =
         wiring.dataFetcher("book", QueryByExampleDataFetcher.builder(repository).single());

See methods on QueryByExampleDataFetcher.Builder and QueryByExampleDataFetcher.ReactiveBuilder for further options on result projections and sorting.

QueryByExampleDataFetcher exposes a RuntimeWiringConfigurer that can auto-register repositories annotated with @GraphQlRepository.

Greg Turnquist, Rossen Stoyanchev
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