Class IntegrationFlowExtension<B extends IntegrationFlowExtension<B>>

Type Parameters:
B - the IntegrationFlowDefinition implementation type.

public abstract class IntegrationFlowExtension<B extends IntegrationFlowExtension<B>> extends IntegrationFlowDefinition<B>
An IntegrationFlowDefinition extension for custom Java DSL operators and reusable solutions. For supporting method flow chain an implementation of this class has to return an extension class from new methods, e.g.:
 	public class MyIntegrationFlowDefinition
 			extends IntegrationFlowExtension<MyIntegrationFlowDefinition> {

 		public MyIntegrationFlowDefinition upperCaseAfterSplit() {
 			return split()
This way it will be used in the target configuration as natural DSL definition:
  public IntegrationFlow myFlowDefinition() {
 				new MyIntegrationFlowDefinition()
This IntegrationFlowExtension can also be used for overriding existing operators with extensions to any IntegrationComponentSpec extensions, e.g. adding new options for target component configuration.
Artem Bilan