Class HttpRequestExecutingMessageHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:
org.reactivestreams.Subscriber<Message<?>>, Aware, BeanClassLoaderAware, BeanFactoryAware, BeanNameAware, DisposableBean, InitializingBean, ApplicationContextAware, Ordered, ExpressionCapable, Orderable, MessageProducer, HeaderPropagationAware, IntegrationPattern, NamedComponent, IntegrationManagement, TrackableComponent, MessageHandler, reactor.core.CoreSubscriber<Message<?>>

public class HttpRequestExecutingMessageHandler extends AbstractHttpRequestExecutingMessageHandler
A MessageHandler implementation that executes HTTP requests by delegating to a RestTemplate instance. If the 'expectReply' flag is set to true (the default) then a reply Message will be generated from the HTTP response. If that response contains a body, it will be used as the reply Message's payload. Otherwise the reply Message's payload will contain the response status as an instance of the HttpStatus enum. When there is a response body, the HttpStatus enum instance will instead be copied to the MessageHeaders of the reply. In both cases, the response headers will be mapped to the reply Message's headers by this handler's HeaderMapper instance.
Mark Fisher, Oleg Zhurakousky, Gary Russell, Gunnar Hillert, Artem Bilan, Wallace Wadge, Shiliang Li