Annotation Type AnnotationDrivenConfig

public @interface AnnotationDrivenConfig

Activates various annotations to be detected in bean classes: Spring's @Autowired, as well as JSR 250's @PostConstruct, @PreDestroy and @Resource (if available), JAX-WS's @WebServiceRef (if available), EJB3's @EJB (if available), and JPA's @PersistenceContext and @PersistenceUnit (if available). Alternatively, you may choose to activate the individual BeanPostProcessors for those annotations.

Note: Unlike its <context:annotation-config/> XML counterpart, this annotation does not trigger the detection and handling of @Required methods. Due to fundamental differences between how JavaConfig and XML work, this must be enabled via AspectJ. See RequiredMethodInvocationTracker for more details.

Note: This tag does not activate processing of Spring's @Transactional or EJB3's @TransactionAttribute annotation. Consider the use of AnnotationDrivenTx for that purpose.

Chris Beams