Interface NameClassPairCallbackHandler

All Known Implementing Classes:
CollectingNameClassPairCallbackHandler, CountNameClassPairCallbackHandler, LdapTemplate.AttributesMapperCallbackHandler, LdapTemplate.ContextMapperCallbackHandler, LdapTemplate.MappingCollectingNameClassPairCallbackHandler

public interface NameClassPairCallbackHandler

Callback interface used by LdapTemplate's search, list and listBindings methods. Implementations of this interface perform the actual work of extracting results from a single NameClassPair (a NameClassPair, Binding or SearchResult depending on the search operation) returned by an LDAP seach operation, such as search(), list(), and listBindings().

Mattias Arthursson

Method Summary
 void handleNameClassPair(javax.naming.NameClassPair nameClassPair)
          Handle one entry.

Method Detail


void handleNameClassPair(javax.naming.NameClassPair nameClassPair)
Handle one entry. This method will be called once for each entry returned by a search or list.

nameClassPair - the NameClassPair returned from the NamingEnumeration.

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