Package org.springframework.ldap

The core package of the Spring-LDAP library.


Interface Summary
AttributesMapper An interface used by LdapTemplate for mapping LDAP Attributes to beans.
AuthenticationSource An AuthenticationSource is responsible for providing the principal and credentials to be used when creating a new context.
ContextAssembler Helper interface to be used by Dao implementations for assembling to and from context.
ContextExecutor Interface for delegating an actual operation to be performed on an DirContext.
ContextMapper An interface used by LdapTemplate to map LDAP Contexts to beans.
ContextSource Interface used to retrieve and authenticate LDAP contexts.
DirContextProcessor Interface to be called in search by LdapTemplate before and after the actual search and enumeration traversal.
LdapOperations Interface that specifies a basic set of LDAP operations.
NameClassPairCallbackHandler Callback interface used by LdapTemplate's search, list and listBindings methods.
NameClassPairMapper Responsible for mapping NameClassPair objects to beans.
NamingExceptionTranslator Interface to be implemented by classes that can translate between NamingExceptions and DataAccessExceptions.
SearchExecutor Interface for delegating an actual search operation.

Class Summary
CollectingNameClassPairCallbackHandler A NameClassPairCallbackHandler to collect all results in an internal List.
DefaultNameClassPairMapper The default NameClassPairMapper implementation.
DefaultNamingExceptionTranslator The default implementation of NamingExceptionTranslator.
LdapTemplate Executes core LDAP functionality and helps to avoid common errors, relieving the user of the burden of looking up contexts, looping through NamingEnumerations and closing contexts.

Exception Summary
AttributesIntegrityViolationException Exception that indicates that an invalid or missing Attribute has been supplied to an LDAP operation.
BadLdapGrammarException Thrown to indicate that an invalid value has been supplied to an LDAP operation.
EntryNotFoundException Represents that an entry could not be found.
SearchLimitExceededException Indicates that the search limit was exceeded in a search.
UncategorizedLdapException Indicates that an unknown NamingException has occurred.

Package org.springframework.ldap Description

The core package of the Spring-LDAP library.

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