Support classes for Spring-LDAP.


Interface Summary
AttributeModificationsAware Indicates that the implementor is capable of keeping track of any attribute modifications and return them as ModificationItems.
DirContextOperations Interface for DirContextAdapter to simplify mock testing.
DnParser A parser for RFC2253-compliant Distinguished Names.

Class Summary
AbstractContextSource Abstract implementation of the ContextSource interface.
AggregateDirContextProcessor Manages a sequence of DirContextProcessor instances.
CountNameClassPairCallbackHandler A NameClassPairCallbackHandler for counting all returned entries.
DefaultDirObjectFactory Default implementation of the DirObjectFactory interface.
DefaultDnParserFactory A factory for creating DnParser instances.
DirContextAdapter Implements the interesting methods of the DirContext interface.
DirContextSource ContextSource implementation which creates InitialDirContext instances, for LDAPv2 compatibility.
DistinguishedName Default implementation of a Name corresponding to an LDAP path.
LdapContextSource ContextSource implementation which creates an InitialLdapContext instance.
LdapEncoder Helper class to encode and decode ldap names and values.
LdapRdn Datatype for a LDAP name, a part of a path.
LdapRdnComponent Represents part of an LdapRdn.

Package Description

Support classes for Spring-LDAP.

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