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Packages that use SessionInformation Session registry and other related classes. Strategy interface and implementations for handling session-related behaviour for a newly authenticated user. Session management filters, HttpSession events and publisher classes. 

Uses of SessionInformation in

Methods in that return SessionInformation
 SessionInformation SessionRegistryImpl.getSessionInformation(String sessionId)
 SessionInformation SessionRegistry.getSessionInformation(String sessionId)
          Obtains the session information for the specified sessionId.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type SessionInformation
 List<SessionInformation> SessionRegistryImpl.getAllSessions(Object principal, boolean includeExpiredSessions)
 List<SessionInformation> SessionRegistry.getAllSessions(Object principal, boolean includeExpiredSessions)
          Obtains all the known sessions for the specified principal.

Uses of SessionInformation in

Method parameters in with type arguments of type SessionInformation
protected  void ConcurrentSessionControlStrategy.allowableSessionsExceeded(List<SessionInformation> sessions, int allowableSessions, SessionRegistry registry)
          Allows subclasses to customise behaviour when too many sessions are detected.

Uses of SessionInformation in

Methods in with parameters of type SessionInformation
protected  String ConcurrentSessionFilter.determineExpiredUrl(HttpServletRequest request, SessionInformation info)

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