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Packages that use AuthenticationSuccessHandler Authentication processing mechanisms, which respond to the submission of authentication credentials using various protocols (eg BASIC, CAS, form login etc). Provides HTTP-based "switch user" (su) capabilities. 

Uses of AuthenticationSuccessHandler in

Classes in that implement AuthenticationSuccessHandler
 class SavedRequestAwareAuthenticationSuccessHandler
          An authentication success strategy which can make use of the DefaultSavedRequest which may have been stored in the session by the ExceptionTranslationFilter.
 class SimpleUrlAuthenticationSuccessHandler
          AuthenticationSuccessHandler which can be configured with a default URL which users should be sent to upon successful authentication.

Methods in with parameters of type AuthenticationSuccessHandler
 void AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter.setAuthenticationSuccessHandler(AuthenticationSuccessHandler successHandler)
          Sets the strategy used to handle a successful authentication.

Uses of AuthenticationSuccessHandler in

Methods in with parameters of type AuthenticationSuccessHandler
 void SwitchUserFilter.setSuccessHandler(AuthenticationSuccessHandler successHandler)
          Used to define custom behaviour on a successful switch or exit user.

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