Interface Summary
AuthenticationEntryPoint Used by ExceptionTranslationFilter to commence an authentication scheme.
PortMapper PortMapper implementations provide callers with information about which HTTP ports are associated with which HTTPS ports on the system, and vice versa.
PortResolver A PortResolver determines the port a web request was received on.
RedirectStrategy Encapsulates the redirection logic for all classes in the framework which perform redirects.

Class Summary
DefaultRedirectStrategy Simple implementation of RedirectStrategy which is the default used throughout the framework.
FilterChainProxy Delegates Filter requests to a list of Spring-managed beans.
FilterInvocation Holds objects associated with a HTTP filter.
PortMapperImpl Concrete implementation of PortMapper that obtains HTTP:HTTPS pairs from the application context.
PortResolverImpl Concrete implementation of PortResolver that obtains the port from ServletRequest.getServerPort().

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