Constant Field Values

public static final int ACCESS_ABSTAIN 0
public static final int ACCESS_DENIED -1
public static final int ACCESS_GRANTED 1
public final String admin "administration"
public final String create "create"
public final String delete "delete"
public final boolean denyAll false
public final boolean permitAll true
public final String read "read"
public final String write "write"
public static final int CHANGE_AUDITING 1
public static final int CHANGE_GENERAL 2
public static final int CHANGE_OWNERSHIP 0
public static final String DEFAULT_ORDER_BY_CLAUSE ") order by acl_object_identity.object_id_identity asc, acl_entry.ace_order asc"
public static final String DEFAULT_SELECT_CLAUSE "select acl_object_identity.object_id_identity, acl_entry.ace_order, as acl_id, acl_object_identity.parent_object, acl_object_identity.entries_inheriting, as ace_id, acl_entry.mask, acl_entry.granting, acl_entry.audit_success, acl_entry.audit_failure, acl_sid.principal as ace_principal, acl_sid.sid as ace_sid, acli_sid.principal as acl_principal, acli_sid.sid as acl_sid, acl_class.class from acl_object_identity left join acl_sid acli_sid on = acl_object_identity.owner_sid left join acl_class on = acl_object_identity.object_id_class left join acl_entry on = acl_entry.acl_object_identity left join acl_sid on acl_entry.sid = where ( "
public static final char RESERVED_OFF 46
public static final char RESERVED_ON 126
public static final String THIRTY_TWO_RESERVED_OFF "................................"
public static final String DEFAULT_SAML_ARTIFACT_PARAMETER "SAMLart"
public static final String DEFAULT_CAS_ARTIFACT_PARAMETER "ticket"
public static final String DEFAULT_CAS_SERVICE_PARAMETER "service"
public static final String CAS_STATEFUL_IDENTIFIER "_cas_stateful_"
public static final String CAS_STATELESS_IDENTIFIER "_cas_stateless_"
public static final String AUTHENTICATION_MANAGER ""
public static final String CONTEXT_SOURCE ""
public static final String DEBUG_FILTER ""
public static final String EMBEDDED_APACHE_DS ""
public static final String FILTER_CHAIN_PROXY ""
public static final String FILTER_CHAINS ""
public static final String METHOD_ACCESS_MANAGER ""
public static final String SPRING_SECURITY_FILTER_CHAIN "springSecurityFilterChain"
public static final String USER_DETAILS_SERVICE ""
public static final String USER_DETAILS_SERVICE_FACTORY ""
public static final String ACCESS_DENIED_HANDLER "access-denied-handler"
public static final String AFTER_INVOCATION_PROVIDER "after-invocation-provider"
public static final String ANONYMOUS "anonymous"
public static final String AUTHENTICATION_MANAGER "authentication-manager"
public static final String AUTHENTICATION_PROVIDER "authentication-provider"
public static final String BASIC_AUTH "http-basic"
public static final String CONCURRENT_SESSIONS "concurrency-control"
public static final String CSRF "csrf"
public static final String CUSTOM_FILTER "custom-filter"
public static final String DEBUG "debug"
public static final String EXPRESSION_HANDLER "expression-handler"
public static final String FILTER_CHAIN "filter-chain"
public static final String FILTER_CHAIN_MAP "filter-chain-map"
public static final String FILTER_INVOCATION_DEFINITION_SOURCE "filter-invocation-definition-source"
public static final String FILTER_SECURITY_METADATA_SOURCE "filter-security-metadata-source"
public static final String FORM_LOGIN "form-login"
public static final String GLOBAL_METHOD_SECURITY "global-method-security"
public static final String HEADERS "headers"
public static final String HTTP "http"
public static final String HTTP_FIREWALL "http-firewall"
public static final String INTERCEPT_METHODS "intercept-methods"
public static final String INTERCEPT_URL "intercept-url"
public static final String INVOCATION_ATTRIBUTE_FACTORY "invocation-attribute-factory"
public static final String INVOCATION_HANDLING "pre-post-annotation-handling"
public static final String JDBC_USER_SERVICE "jdbc-user-service"
public static final String JEE "jee"
public static final String LDAP_PASSWORD_COMPARE "password-compare"
public static final String LDAP_PROVIDER "ldap-authentication-provider"
public static final String LDAP_SERVER "ldap-server"
public static final String LDAP_USER_SERVICE "ldap-user-service"
public static final String LOGOUT "logout"
public static final String METHOD_SECURITY_METADATA_SOURCE "method-security-metadata-source"
public static final String OPENID_ATTRIBUTE "openid-attribute"
public static final String OPENID_ATTRIBUTE_EXCHANGE "attribute-exchange"
public static final String OPENID_LOGIN "openid-login"
public static final String PASSWORD_ENCODER "password-encoder"
public static final String PORT_MAPPING "port-mapping"
public static final String PORT_MAPPINGS "port-mappings"
public static final String POST_INVOCATION_ADVICE "post-invocation-advice"
public static final String PRE_INVOCATION_ADVICE "pre-invocation-advice"
public static final String PROTECT "protect"
public static final String PROTECT_POINTCUT "protect-pointcut"
public static final String REMEMBER_ME "remember-me"
public static final String REQUEST_CACHE "request-cache"
public static final String SALT_SOURCE "salt-source"
public static final String SESSION_MANAGEMENT "session-management"
public static final String USER_SERVICE "user-service"
public static final String X509 "x509"
public static final String CACHING_SUFFIX ".caching"
public static final String MISSING_BEAN_ERROR_MESSAGE "Did you forget to add a gobal <authentication-manager> element to your configuration (with child <authentication-provider> elements)? Alternatively you can use the authentication-manager-ref attribute on your <http> and <global-method-security> elements."
public static final String ATT_HASH "hash"
public static final String ATT_LDIF_FILE "ldif"
public static final String ATT_PORT "port"
public static final String ATT_ROOT_SUFFIX "root"
public static final String OPT_DEFAULT_PORT "33389"
public static final String ATT_GROUP_ROLE_ATTRIBUTE "group-role-attribute"
public static final String ATT_GROUP_SEARCH_BASE "group-search-base"
public static final String ATT_GROUP_SEARCH_FILTER "group-search-filter"
public static final String ATT_SERVER "server-ref"
public static final String ATT_USER_SEARCH_BASE "user-search-base"
public static final String ATT_USER_SEARCH_FILTER "user-search-filter"
public static final String DEF_GROUP_SEARCH_BASE ""
public static final String DEF_GROUP_SEARCH_FILTER "(uniqueMember={0})"
public static final String DEF_USER_SEARCH_BASE ""
public static final String INET_ORG_PERSON_MAPPER_CLASS ""
public static final String LDAP_AUTHORITIES_POPULATOR_CLASS ""
public static final String LDAP_SEARCH_CLASS ""
public static final String LDAP_USER_MAPPER_CLASS ""
public static final String PERSON_MAPPER_CLASS ""
public static final long SERIAL_VERSION_UID 320L
public static final String MODE_GLOBAL "MODE_GLOBAL"
public static final String MODE_THREADLOCAL "MODE_THREADLOCAL"
public static final String SYSTEM_PROPERTY ""
public static final String DEF_AUTHORITIES_BY_USERNAME_QUERY "select username,authority from authorities where username = ?"
public static final String DEF_GROUP_AUTHORITIES_BY_USERNAME_QUERY "select, g.group_name, ga.authority from groups g, group_members gm, group_authorities ga where gm.username = ? and = ga.group_id and = gm.group_id"
public static final String DEF_USERS_BY_USERNAME_QUERY "select username,password,enabled from users where username = ?"
public static final int DECODE 0
public static final int DO_BREAK_LINES 8
public static final int ENCODE 1
public static final int NO_OPTIONS 0
public static final int ORDERED 32
public static final int URL_SAFE 16
public static final String OID ""
public static final String DEFAULT_CLAIMED_IDENTITY_FIELD "openid_identifier"
public static final String DEF_CHANGE_PASSWORD_SQL "update users set password = ? where username = ?"
public static final String DEF_CREATE_USER_SQL "insert into users (username, password, enabled) values (?,?,?)"
public static final String DEF_DELETE_GROUP_AUTHORITIES_SQL "delete from group_authorities where group_id = ?"
public static final String DEF_DELETE_GROUP_AUTHORITY_SQL "delete from group_authorities where group_id = ? and authority = ?"
public static final String DEF_DELETE_GROUP_MEMBER_SQL "delete from group_members where group_id = ? and username = ?"
public static final String DEF_DELETE_GROUP_MEMBERS_SQL "delete from group_members where group_id = ?"
public static final String DEF_DELETE_GROUP_SQL "delete from groups where id = ?"
public static final String DEF_DELETE_USER_AUTHORITIES_SQL "delete from authorities where username = ?"
public static final String DEF_DELETE_USER_SQL "delete from users where username = ?"
public static final String DEF_FIND_GROUP_ID_SQL "select id from groups where group_name = ?"
public static final String DEF_FIND_GROUPS_SQL "select group_name from groups"
public static final String DEF_FIND_USERS_IN_GROUP_SQL "select username from group_members gm, groups g where gm.group_id = and g.group_name = ?"
public static final String DEF_GROUP_AUTHORITIES_QUERY_SQL "select, g.group_name, ga.authority from groups g, group_authorities ga where g.group_name = ? and = ga.group_id "
public static final String DEF_INSERT_AUTHORITY_SQL "insert into authorities (username, authority) values (?,?)"
public static final String DEF_INSERT_GROUP_AUTHORITY_SQL "insert into group_authorities (group_id, authority) values (?,?)"
public static final String DEF_INSERT_GROUP_MEMBER_SQL "insert into group_members (group_id, username) values (?,?)"
public static final String DEF_INSERT_GROUP_SQL "insert into groups (group_name) values (?)"
public static final String DEF_RENAME_GROUP_SQL "update groups set group_name = ? where group_name = ?"
public static final String DEF_UPDATE_USER_SQL "update users set password = ?, enabled = ? where username = ?"
public static final String DEF_USER_EXISTS_SQL "select username from users where username = ?"
public static final String ACCESS_DENIED_403 "SPRING_SECURITY_403_EXCEPTION"
public static final String ANY_CHANNEL "ANY_CHANNEL"
public static final String SPRING_SECURITY_FORM_PASSWORD_KEY "j_password"
public static final String SPRING_SECURITY_FORM_USERNAME_KEY "j_username"
public static final long serialVersionUID 1L
public static final String DEFAULT_PARAMETER "_spring_security_remember_me"
public static final int TWO_WEEKS_S 1209600
public static final String CREATE_TABLE_SQL "create table persistent_logins (username varchar(64) not null, series varchar(64) primary key, token varchar(64) not null, last_used timestamp not null)"
public static final String DEF_INSERT_TOKEN_SQL "insert into persistent_logins (username, series, token, last_used) values(?,?,?,?)"
public static final String DEF_REMOVE_USER_TOKENS_SQL "delete from persistent_logins where username = ?"
public static final String DEF_TOKEN_BY_SERIES_SQL "select username,series,token,last_used from persistent_logins where series = ?"
public static final String DEF_UPDATE_TOKEN_SQL "update persistent_logins set token = ?, last_used = ? where series = ?"
public static final int DEFAULT_SERIES_LENGTH 16
public static final int DEFAULT_TOKEN_LENGTH 16
public static final String SPRING_SECURITY_SWITCH_USERNAME_KEY "j_username"
public static final String DEFAULT_LOGIN_PAGE_URL "/spring_security_login"
public static final String ERROR_PARAMETER_NAME "login_error"
public static final String DEFAULT_FILTER_NAME "springSecurityFilterChain"
public static final String XFRAME_OPTIONS_HEADER "X-Frame-Options"