Class CumulativePermission

  extended by
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Permission

public class CumulativePermission
extends AbstractPermission

Represents a Permission that is constructed at runtime from other permissions.

Methods return this, in order to facilitate method chaining.

See Also:
Serialized Form

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 CumulativePermission clear()
 CumulativePermission clear(Permission permission)
 String getPattern()
          Returns a 32-character long bit pattern String representing this permission.
 CumulativePermission set(Permission permission)
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Constructor Detail


public CumulativePermission()
Method Detail


public CumulativePermission clear(Permission permission)


public CumulativePermission clear()


public CumulativePermission set(Permission permission)


public String getPattern()
Description copied from interface: Permission
Returns a 32-character long bit pattern String representing this permission.

Implementations are free to format the pattern as they see fit, although under no circumstances may Permission.RESERVED_OFF or Permission.RESERVED_ON be used within the pattern. An exemption is in the case of Permission.RESERVED_OFF which is used to denote a bit that is off (clear). Implementations may also elect to use Permission.RESERVED_ON internally for computation purposes, although this method may not return any String containing Permission.RESERVED_ON.

The returned String must be 32 characters in length.

This method is only used for user interface and logging purposes. It is not used in any permission calculations. Therefore, duplication of characters within the output is permitted.

Specified by:
getPattern in interface Permission
getPattern in class AbstractPermission
a 32-character bit pattern