Class AuthorizedRequestToken

  extended by

public class AuthorizedRequestToken
extends java.lang.Object

A OAuth 1.0 request token that has been authorized by the user. Constructed after the user grants the consumer application access to their data hosted at the service provider. This is typically achieved by the user clicking "Allow" over at the provider's site. The service provider returns a Verifier string in the authorization callback that must also be submitted in the access token request.

Constructor Summary
AuthorizedRequestToken(OAuthToken requestToken, java.lang.String verifier)
          Creates an authorized request token.
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getSecret()
          The request token secret.
 java.lang.String getValue()
          The request token value.
 java.lang.String getVerifier()
          The verifier string generated by the provider.
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Constructor Detail


public AuthorizedRequestToken(OAuthToken requestToken,
                              java.lang.String verifier)
Creates an authorized request token.

requestToken - the request token object
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getValue()
The request token value.


public java.lang.String getSecret()
The request token secret.


public java.lang.String getVerifier()
The verifier string generated by the provider.