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Packages that use AbstractEndpointMapping
org.springframework.ws.server.endpoint.mapping Provides miscellaneous endpoints EndpointMapping implementations. 
org.springframework.ws.server.endpoint.mapping.jaxb Provides JAXB2-based EndpointMapping implementations. 
org.springframework.ws.soap.server.endpoint.mapping Provides miscellaneous endpoints EndpointMapping implementations for SOAP purposes. 

Uses of AbstractEndpointMapping in org.springframework.ws.server.endpoint.mapping

Subclasses of AbstractEndpointMapping in org.springframework.ws.server.endpoint.mapping
 class AbstractAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping<T>
          Abstract base for EndpointMapping implementations that map classes tagged with an annotation.
 class AbstractMapBasedEndpointMapping
          Abstract base class for endpoint mapping that are based on a Map.
 class AbstractMethodEndpointMapping<T>
          Abstract base class for MethodEndpoint mappings.
 class AbstractQNameEndpointMapping
          Abstract base class for EndpointMappings that resolve qualified names as registration keys.
 class PayloadRootAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping
          Implementation of the EndpointMapping interface that uses the PayloadRoot annotation to map methods to request payload root elements.
 class PayloadRootQNameEndpointMapping
          Deprecated. as of Spring Web Services 2.0, in favor of PayloadRootAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping.
 class SimpleMethodEndpointMapping
          Simple subclass of AbstractMethodEndpointMapping that maps from the local name of the request payload to methods.
 class UriEndpointMapping
          Implementation of the EndpointMapping interface to map from the full request URI or request URI path to endpoint beans.
 class XPathPayloadEndpointMapping
          Implementation of the EndpointMapping interface that maps to endpoint using an XPath expression.

Uses of AbstractEndpointMapping in org.springframework.ws.server.endpoint.mapping.jaxb

Subclasses of AbstractEndpointMapping in org.springframework.ws.server.endpoint.mapping.jaxb
 class XmlRootElementEndpointMapping
          Implementation of the EndpointMapping interface that uses the JAXB2 XmlRootElement annotation to map methods to request payload root elements.

Uses of AbstractEndpointMapping in org.springframework.ws.soap.server.endpoint.mapping

Subclasses of AbstractEndpointMapping in org.springframework.ws.soap.server.endpoint.mapping
 class SoapActionAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping
          Implementation of the EndpointMapping interface that uses the SoapAction annotation to map methods to the request SOAPAction header.
 class SoapActionEndpointMapping
          Deprecated. as of Spring Web Services 2.0, in favor of SoapActionAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping.

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