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Added Classes
AbstractDelegatingSmartContextLoader {@code AbstractDelegatingSmartContextLoader} serves as an abstract base class for implementations of the SmartContextLoader SPI that delegate to a set of candidate SmartContextLoaders (i.e., one that supports XML configuration files and one that supports annotated classes) to determine which context loader is appropriate for a given test class's configuration.
AnnotationConfigContextLoaderUtils Utility methods for SmartContextLoaders that deal with annotated classes (e.g., @Configuration classes).

Changed Classes
AbstractContextLoader Abstract application context loader that provides a basis for all concrete implementations of the ContextLoader SPI.
AbstractGenericContextLoader Abstract, generic extension of AbstractContextLoader that loads a GenericApplicationContext.
AnnotationConfigContextLoader Concrete implementation of AbstractGenericContextLoader that loads bean definitions from annotated classes.
DelegatingSmartContextLoader {@code DelegatingSmartContextLoader} is a concrete implementation of AbstractDelegatingSmartContextLoader that delegates to a GenericXmlContextLoader and an AnnotationConfigContextLoader.
DirtiesContextTestExecutionListener TestExecutionListener which provides support for marking the ApplicationContext associated with a test as dirty for both test classes and test methods configured with the @DirtiesContext annotation.