Interface ResourceLoader

All Known Subinterfaces:
ApplicationContext, ConfigurableApplicationContext, ConfigurableWebApplicationContext, ResourcePatternResolver, WebApplicationContext
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractApplicationContext, AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext, AbstractRefreshableWebApplicationContext, AbstractXmlApplicationContext, ClassPathXmlApplicationContext, DefaultResourceLoader, FileSystemResourceLoader, FileSystemXmlApplicationContext, GenericApplicationContext, GenericWebApplicationContext, PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver, ServletContextResourceLoader, ServletContextResourcePatternResolver, StaticApplicationContext, StaticWebApplicationContext, XmlWebApplicationContext

public interface ResourceLoader

Interface to be implemented by objects that can load resources. An ApplicationContext is required to provide this functionality, plus extended ResourcePatternResolver support.

DefaultResourceLoader is a standalone implementation that is usable outside an ApplicationContext, also used by ResourceEditor.

Bean properties of type Resource and Resource array can be populated from Strings when running in an ApplicationContext, using the particular context's resource loading strategy.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
DefaultResourceLoader, ResourceEditor, ResourcePatternResolver, ApplicationContext, ResourceLoaderAware

Field Summary
          Pseudo URL prefix for loading from the class path: "classpath:"
Method Summary
 Resource getResource(String location)
          Return a Resource handle for the specified resource.

Field Detail


static final String CLASSPATH_URL_PREFIX
Pseudo URL prefix for loading from the class path: "classpath:"

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Constant Field Values
Method Detail


Resource getResource(String location)
Return a Resource handle for the specified resource. The handle should always be a reusable resource descriptor, allowing for multiple getInputStream calls.

Note that a Resource handle does not imply an existing resource; you need to invoke Resource's "exists" to check for existence.

location - the resource location
a corresponding Resource handle
See Also:
CLASSPATH_URL_PREFIX, Resource.exists(), InputStreamSource.getInputStream()

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