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Packages that use Advisor
org.springframework.aop Core Spring AOP interfaces, built on AOP Alliance AOP interoperability interfaces. 
org.springframework.aop.aspectj AspectJ integration package. 
org.springframework.aop.aspectj.annotation Classes enabling AspectJ 5 @Annotated classes to be used in Spring AOP. 
org.springframework.aop.framework Package containing Spring's basic AOP infrastructure, compliant with the AOP Alliance interfaces. 
org.springframework.aop.framework.adapter SPI package allowing Spring AOP framework to handle arbitrary advice types. 
org.springframework.aop.framework.autoproxy Bean post-processors for use in ApplicationContexts to simplify AOP usage by automatically creating AOP proxies without the need to use a ProxyFactoryBean. 
org.springframework.aop.interceptor Provides miscellaneous interceptor implementations. Convenience classes for using Spring's AOP API. 
org.springframework.dao.annotation Annotation support for DAOs. 
org.springframework.transaction.interceptor AOP-based solution for declarative transaction demarcation. 

Uses of Advisor in org.springframework.aop

Subinterfaces of Advisor in org.springframework.aop
 interface IntroductionAdvisor
          Superinterface for advisors that perform one or more AOP introductions.
 interface PointcutAdvisor
          Superinterface for all Advisors that are driven by a pointcut.

Uses of Advisor in org.springframework.aop.aspectj

Subinterfaces of Advisor in org.springframework.aop.aspectj
 interface InstantiationModelAwarePointcutAdvisor
          Interface to be implemented by Spring AOP Advisors wrapping AspectJ aspects that may have a lazy initialization strategy.

Classes in org.springframework.aop.aspectj that implement Advisor
 class AspectJExpressionPointcutAdvisor
          Spring AOP Advisor that can be used for any AspectJ pointcut expression.
 class AspectJPointcutAdvisor
          AspectJPointcutAdvisor that adapts an AbstractAspectJAdvice to the PointcutAdvisor interface.
 class DeclareParentsAdvisor
          Introduction advisor delegating to the given object.

Methods in org.springframework.aop.aspectj with parameters of type Advisor
static AspectJPrecedenceInformation AspectJAopUtils.getAspectJPrecedenceInformationFor(Advisor anAdvisor)
          Return the AspectJPrecedenceInformation provided by this advisor or its advice.
static boolean AspectJAopUtils.isAfterAdvice(Advisor anAdvisor)
          Return true if the advisor is a form of after advice.
static boolean AspectJAopUtils.isBeforeAdvice(Advisor anAdvisor)
          Return true if the advisor is a form of before advice.

Uses of Advisor in org.springframework.aop.aspectj.annotation

Classes in org.springframework.aop.aspectj.annotation that implement Advisor
protected static class ReflectiveAspectJAdvisorFactory.SyntheticInstantiationAdvisor
          Synthetic advisor that instantiates the aspect.

Methods in org.springframework.aop.aspectj.annotation that return Advisor
 Advisor ReflectiveAspectJAdvisorFactory.getAdvisor(Method candidateAdviceMethod, MetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory aif, int declarationOrderInAspect, String aspectName)
 Advisor AspectJAdvisorFactory.getAdvisor(Method candidateAdviceMethod, MetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory aif, int declarationOrderInAspect, String aspectName)
          Build a Spring AOP Advisor for the given AspectJ advice method.

Methods in org.springframework.aop.aspectj.annotation that return types with arguments of type Advisor
 List<Advisor> BeanFactoryAspectJAdvisorsBuilder.buildAspectJAdvisors()
          Look for AspectJ-annotated aspect beans in the current bean factory, and return to a list of Spring AOP Advisors representing them.
 List<Advisor> ReflectiveAspectJAdvisorFactory.getAdvisors(MetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory maaif)
 List<Advisor> AspectJAdvisorFactory.getAdvisors(MetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory aif)
          Build Spring AOP Advisors for all annotated At-AspectJ methods on the specified aspect instance.

Uses of Advisor in org.springframework.aop.framework

Methods in org.springframework.aop.framework that return Advisor
 Advisor[] AdvisedSupport.getAdvisors()
 Advisor[] Advised.getAdvisors()
          Return the advisors applying to this proxy.

Methods in org.springframework.aop.framework with parameters of type Advisor
 void AdvisedSupport.addAdvisor(Advisor advisor)
 void Advised.addAdvisor(Advisor advisor)
          Add an advisor at the end of the advisor chain.
 void AdvisedSupport.addAdvisor(int pos, Advisor advisor)
 void Advised.addAdvisor(int pos, Advisor advisor)
          Add an Advisor at the specified position in the chain.
 void AdvisedSupport.addAllAdvisors(Advisor[] advisors)
          Add all of the given advisors to this proxy configuration.
 int AdvisedSupport.indexOf(Advisor advisor)
 int Advised.indexOf(Advisor advisor)
          Return the index (from 0) of the given advisor, or -1 if no such advisor applies to this proxy.
 boolean AdvisedSupport.removeAdvisor(Advisor advisor)
 boolean Advised.removeAdvisor(Advisor advisor)
          Remove the given advisor.
 boolean AdvisedSupport.replaceAdvisor(Advisor a, Advisor b)
 boolean Advised.replaceAdvisor(Advisor a, Advisor b)
          Replace the given advisor.

Uses of Advisor in org.springframework.aop.framework.adapter

Methods in org.springframework.aop.framework.adapter that return Advisor
 Advisor DefaultAdvisorAdapterRegistry.wrap(Object adviceObject)
 Advisor AdvisorAdapterRegistry.wrap(Object advice)
          Return an Advisor wrapping the given advice.

Methods in org.springframework.aop.framework.adapter with parameters of type Advisor
 MethodInterceptor AdvisorAdapter.getInterceptor(Advisor advisor)
          Return an AOP Alliance MethodInterceptor exposing the behavior of the given advice to an interception-based AOP framework.
 MethodInterceptor[] DefaultAdvisorAdapterRegistry.getInterceptors(Advisor advisor)
 MethodInterceptor[] AdvisorAdapterRegistry.getInterceptors(Advisor advisor)
          Return an array of AOP Alliance MethodInterceptors to allow use of the given Advisor in an interception-based framework.

Uses of Advisor in org.springframework.aop.framework.autoproxy

Methods in org.springframework.aop.framework.autoproxy that return Advisor
protected  Advisor[] AbstractAutoProxyCreator.buildAdvisors(String beanName, Object[] specificInterceptors)
          Determine the advisors for the given bean, including the specific interceptors as well as the common interceptor, all adapted to the Advisor interface.

Uses of Advisor in org.springframework.aop.interceptor

Fields in org.springframework.aop.interceptor declared as Advisor
static Advisor ExposeInvocationInterceptor.ADVISOR
          Singleton advisor for this class.

Methods in org.springframework.aop.interceptor that return Advisor
static Advisor ExposeBeanNameAdvisors.createAdvisorIntroducingNamedBean(String beanName)
          Create a new advisor that will expose the given bean name, introducing the NamedBean interface to make the bean name accessible without forcing the target object to be aware of this Spring IoC concept.
static Advisor ExposeBeanNameAdvisors.createAdvisorWithoutIntroduction(String beanName)
          Create a new advisor that will expose the given bean name, with no introduction

Uses of Advisor in

Classes in that implement Advisor
 class AbstractBeanFactoryPointcutAdvisor
          Abstract BeanFactory-based PointcutAdvisor that allows for any Advice to be configured as reference to an Advice bean in a BeanFactory.
 class AbstractGenericPointcutAdvisor
          Abstract generic PointcutAdvisor that allows for any Advice to be configured.
 class AbstractPointcutAdvisor
          Abstract base class for PointcutAdvisor implementations.
 class DefaultBeanFactoryPointcutAdvisor
          Concrete BeanFactory-based PointcutAdvisor that allows for any Advice to be configured as reference to an Advice bean in the BeanFactory, as well as the Pointcut to be configured through a bean property.
 class DefaultIntroductionAdvisor
          Simple IntroductionAdvisor implementation that by default applies to any class.
 class DefaultPointcutAdvisor
          Convenient Pointcut-driven Advisor implementation.
 class NameMatchMethodPointcutAdvisor
          Convenient class for name-match method pointcuts that hold an Advice, making them an Advisor.
 class RegexpMethodPointcutAdvisor
          Convenient class for regexp method pointcuts that hold an Advice, making them an Advisor.
 class StaticMethodMatcherPointcutAdvisor
          Convenient base class for Advisors that are also static pointcuts.

Methods in with parameters of type Advisor
static boolean AopUtils.canApply(Advisor advisor, Class targetClass)
          Can the given advisor apply at all on the given class?
static boolean AopUtils.canApply(Advisor advisor, Class targetClass, boolean hasIntroductions)
          Can the given advisor apply at all on the given class?

Uses of Advisor in org.springframework.dao.annotation

Classes in org.springframework.dao.annotation that implement Advisor
 class PersistenceExceptionTranslationAdvisor
          Spring AOP exception translation aspect for use at Repository or DAO layer level.

Uses of Advisor in org.springframework.transaction.interceptor

Classes in org.springframework.transaction.interceptor that implement Advisor
 class BeanFactoryTransactionAttributeSourceAdvisor
          Advisor driven by a TransactionAttributeSource, used to include a transaction advice bean for methods that are transactional.
 class TransactionAttributeSourceAdvisor
          Advisor driven by a TransactionAttributeSource, used to include a TransactionInterceptor only for methods that are transactional.

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