Uses of Interface

Packages that use MultiValueMap
Core support package for annotations, meta-annotations, and merged annotations with attribute overrides.
Core support package for type introspection.
Contains a basic abstraction over client/server-side HTTP.
Contains an abstraction over client-side HTTP.
Abstractions for reactive HTTP client support including ClientHttpRequest and ClientHttpResponse as well as a ClientHttpConnector.
Provides implementations of Encoder and Decoder for web use.
Multipart support.
Provides an HttpMessageConverter abstraction to convert between Java objects and HTTP input/output messages.
Contains an abstraction over server-side HTTP.
Abstractions for reactive HTTP server support including a ServerHttpRequest and ServerHttpResponse along with an HttpHandler for processing.
This package provides internal HTTP support classes, to be used by higher-level client and server classes.
Common infrastructure for invoking message handler methods with non-blocking, and reactive contracts.
Provides a "simple" message broker implementation along with an abstract base class and other supporting types such as a registry for subscriptions.
Generic support for simple messaging protocols (like STOMP).
Provides implementations of Message along with a MessageBuilder and MessageHeaderAccessor for building and working with messages and message headers, as well as various MessageChannel implementations and channel interceptor support.
Mock implementations of reactive HTTP client contracts.
Mock implementations of reactive HTTP server contracts.
A comprehensive set of Servlet API 6.0 mock objects, targeted at usage with Spring's Web MVC framework.
Mock objects for the functional web framework.
Contains built-in RequestMatcher implementations.
Contains built-in ResponseCreator implementations.
Support for testing Spring WebFlux server endpoints via WebTestClient.
Contains built-in RequestBuilder implementations.
Contains built-in ResultMatcher and ResultHandler implementations.
Miscellaneous utility classes, such as utilities for working with strings, classes, collections, reflection, etc.
Multipart resolution framework for handling file uploads.
Support classes for the multipart resolution framework.
Provides a foundation for both the reactive client and server subpackages.
Provides a reactive WebClient that builds on top of the org.springframework.http.client.reactive reactive HTTP adapter layer.
Classes supporting the org.springframework.web.reactive.function.client package.
Provides the types that make up Spring's functional web framework for Reactive environments.
Classes supporting the org.springframework.web.reactive.function.server package.
Abstractions and support classes for reactive WebSocket interactions.
Core interfaces and classes for Spring's generic, reactive web support.
Implementations to adapt to the underlying org.springframework.http.client.reactive reactive HTTP adapter and HttpHandler.
Support for creating a client proxy for an HTTP service annotated with HttpExchange methods.
Provides servlets that integrate with the application context infrastructure, and the core interfaces and classes for the Spring web MVC framework.
Provides the types that make up Spring's functional web framework for Servlet environments.
Common abstractions and Spring configuration support for WebSocket applications.
Support for annotation-based WebSocket setup in configuration classes.
Miscellaneous web utility classes, such as HTML escaping and cookie handling.
Dedicated support for matching HTTP request paths.