Spring LDAP

Package org.springframework.ldap.core

Core package of the JNDI/LDAP support.


Interface Summary
AttributeModificationsAware Indicates that the implementing class is capable of keeping track of any attribute modifications and return them as ModificationItems.
AttributesMapper An interface used by LdapTemplate for mapping LDAP Attributes to beans.
AuthenticatedLdapEntryContextCallback Callback interface to be used in the authentication methods in LdapOperations for performing operations on individually authenticated contexts.
AuthenticationErrorCallback Callback interface to be used in the authentication methods in LdapOperations for performing operations when there are authentication errors.
AuthenticationSource An AuthenticationSource is responsible for providing the principal (user DN) and credentials to be used when creating a new context.
ContextAssembler Helper interface to be used by Dao implementations for assembling to and from context.
ContextExecutor Interface for delegating an actual operation to be performed on a DirContext.
ContextMapper An interface used by LdapTemplate to map LDAP Contexts to beans.
ContextSource A ContextSource is responsible for configuring and creating DirContext instances.
DirContextOperations Interface for DirContextAdapter.
DirContextProcessor Interface to be called in search by LdapTemplate before and after the actual search and enumeration traversal.
DirContextProxy Helper interface to be able to get hold of the target DirContext from proxies created by ContextSource proxies.
DnParser A parser for RFC2253-compliant Distinguished Names.
DnParserImplConstants Token literal values and constants.
IncrementalAttributesMapper Utility that helps with reading all attribute values from Active Directory using Incremental Retrieval of Multi-valued Properties.
LdapOperations Interface that specifies a basic set of LDAP operations.
NameClassPairCallbackHandler Callback interface used by LdapTemplate search, list and listBindings methods.
NameClassPairMapper Responsible for mapping NameClassPair objects to beans.
SearchExecutor Interface for delegating an actual search operation.

Class Summary
AttributesMapperCallbackHandler A CollectingNameClassPairCallbackHandler to wrap an AttributesMapper.
CollectingNameClassPairCallbackHandler A NameClassPairCallbackHandler to collect all results in an internal List.
ContextMapperCallbackHandler A CollectingNameClassPairCallbackHandler to wrap a ContextMapper.
DefaultDnParserFactory A factory for creating DnParser instances.
DefaultNameClassPairMapper The default NameClassPairMapper implementation.
DirContextAdapter Adapter that implements the interesting methods of the DirContext interface.
DistinguishedName Default implementation of a Name corresponding to an LDAP path.
DistinguishedNameEditor Property editor for use with DistinguishedName instances.
DnParserImplTokenManager Token Manager.
LdapAttribute Extends BasicAttribute to add support for options as defined in RFC2849.
LdapAttributes Extends BasicAttributes to add specialized support for DNs.
LdapEncoder Helper class to encode and decode ldap names and values.
LdapEntryIdentification Wrapper class to handle the full identification of an LDAP entry.
LdapEntryIdentificationContextMapper ContextMapper implementation that maps the found entries to the LdapEntryIdentification of each respective entry.
LdapRdn Datatype for a LDAP name, a part of a path.
LdapRdnComponent Represents part of an LdapRdn.
LdapTemplate Executes core LDAP functionality and helps to avoid common errors, relieving the user of the burden of looking up contexts, looping through NamingEnumerations and closing contexts.
LdapTemplate.MappingCollectingNameClassPairCallbackHandler A NameClassPairCallbackHandler that passes the NameClassPairs found to a NameClassPairMapper and collects the results in a list.
SimpleCharStream An implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (without unicode processing).
Token Describes the input token stream.

Exception Summary
ObjectRetrievalException Thrown by a ContextMapperCallbackHandler when it cannot retrieve an object from the given Binding.
ParseException This exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered.

Error Summary
TokenMgrError Token Manager Error.

Package org.springframework.ldap.core Description

Core package of the JNDI/LDAP support. Provides a LdapTemplate class and various callback interfaces.

Spring LDAP