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Class ContextMapperCallbackHandlerWithControls

  extended by org.springframework.ldap.core.CollectingNameClassPairCallbackHandler
      extended by org.springframework.ldap.core.ContextMapperCallbackHandler
          extended by org.springframework.ldap.core.simple.ContextMapperCallbackHandlerWithControls
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ContextMapperCallbackHandlerWithControls
extends ContextMapperCallbackHandler

Currently only per request controls can be inspected via the post process method on a context processor. If a request control gives a different value for each search result, then this cannot be inspected using the existing support classes. An example control that requires this feature would be Account usability control, that can be used with for example the Sun ONE or the OpenDS directory servers. The extended callback handler can pass hasControls to mapper.

Tim Terry, Ulrik Sandberg

Constructor Summary
ContextMapperCallbackHandlerWithControls(ParameterizedContextMapperWithControls<?> mapper)
Method Summary
 Object getObjectFromNameClassPair(NameClassPair nameClassPair)
          Cast the NameClassPair to a Binding and pass its object to the ContextMapper.
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Constructor Detail


public ContextMapperCallbackHandlerWithControls(ParameterizedContextMapperWithControls<?> mapper)
Method Detail


public Object getObjectFromNameClassPair(NameClassPair nameClassPair)
Description copied from class: ContextMapperCallbackHandler
Cast the NameClassPair to a Binding and pass its object to the ContextMapper.

getObjectFromNameClassPair in class ContextMapperCallbackHandler
nameClassPair - a Binding instance.
the Object returned from the mapper.

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