Spring LDAP

Package org.springframework.ldap.filter

Utility classes for dynamically building LDAP filters.


Interface Summary
Filter Common interface for LDAP filters.

Class Summary
AbsoluteFalseFilter A filter that will always evaluate to false, as specified in RFC4526.
AbsoluteTrueFilter A filter that will always evaluate to true, as specified in RFC4526.
AbstractFilter Convenience class that implements most of the methods in the Filter interface.
AndFilter A filter for a logical AND.
BinaryLogicalFilter Abstract superclass for binary logical operations, that is "AND" and "OR" operations.
CompareFilter Abstract superclass for filters that compare values.
EqualsFilter A filter for 'equals'.
FilterEditor Property editor for Filter instances.
GreaterThanOrEqualsFilter A filter to compare >=.
HardcodedFilter Allows hard coded parts to be included in a search filter.
LessThanOrEqualsFilter A filter to compare <=.
LikeFilter This filter allows the user to specify wildcards (*) by not escaping them in the filter.
NotFilter A filter for 'not'.
NotPresentFilter A convenience class that combines NOT behavior with present behavior to allow the user to check for the non-existence of a attribute.
OrFilter Filter for logical OR.
PresentFilter Filter that allows the user to check for the existence of a attribute.
WhitespaceWildcardsFilter This filter automatically converts all whitespace to wildcards (*).

Package org.springframework.ldap.filter Description

Utility classes for dynamically building LDAP filters. Filters can be nested and wrapped around each other:

AndFilter andFilter = new AndFilter();
andFilter.and(new EqualsFilter("objectclass", "person");
andFilter.and(new EqualsFilter("cn", "Some CN");
OrFilter orFilter = new OrFilter();
orFilter.or(new EqualsFilter("objectclass", "organizationalUnit));
would result in:
(|(&(objectclass=person)(cn=Some CN))(objectclass=organizationalUnit))

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