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Packages that use SpringSecurityException
org.springframework.security Provides core Spring Security interfaces and classes. 
org.springframework.security.acls Interfaces and shared classes to manage access control lists (ACLs) for domain object instances. 
org.springframework.security.concurrent Concurrent session control and registration classes. 
org.springframework.security.providers Implements a provider-based approach to authentication decisions. 
org.springframework.security.providers.jaas An authentication provider for JAAS. 
org.springframework.security.providers.openid An authentication provider that can process OpenID Authentication Tokens as created by implementations of the OpenIDConsumer interface. 
org.springframework.security.providers.rcp Allows remote clients to authenticate and obtain a populated Authentication object. 
org.springframework.security.ui.digestauth Authenticates HTTP Digest authentication requests. 
org.springframework.security.ui.openid Authenticates standard web browser users via OpenID
org.springframework.security.ui.rememberme Support for remembering a user between different web sessions. 
org.springframework.security.util General utility classes used throughout the Spring Security framework. 

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security
 class AccessDeniedException
          Thrown if an Authentication object does not hold a required authority.
 class AccountExpiredException
          Thrown if an authentication request is rejected because the account has expired.
 class AccountStatusException
          Base class for authentication exceptions which are caused by a particular user account status (locked, disabled etc).
 class AuthenticationCredentialsNotFoundException
          Thrown if an authentication request is rejected because there is no Authentication object in the SecurityContext.
 class AuthenticationException
          Abstract superclass for all exceptions related an Authentication object being invalid for whatever reason.
 class AuthenticationServiceException
          Thrown if an authentication request could not be processed due to a system problem.
 class AuthorizationServiceException
          Thrown if an authorization request could not be processed due to a system problem.
 class BadCredentialsException
          Thrown if an authentication request is rejected because the credentials are invalid.
 class CredentialsExpiredException
          Thrown if an authentication request is rejected because the account's credentials have expired.
 class DisabledException
          Thrown if an authentication request is rejected because the account is disabled.
 class InsufficientAuthenticationException
          Thrown if an authentication request is rejected because the credentials are not sufficiently trusted.
 class LockedException
          Thrown if an authentication request is rejected because the account is locked.

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.acls

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.acls
 class AlreadyExistsException
          Thrown if an Acl entry already exists for the object.
 class ChildrenExistException
          Thrown if an Acl cannot be deleted because children Acls exist.
 class IdentityUnavailableException
          Thrown if an ACL identity could not be extracted from an object.
 class NotFoundException
          Thrown if an ACL-related object cannot be found.
 class UnloadedSidException
          Thrown if an Acl cannot perform an operation because it only loaded a subset of Sids and the caller has requested details for an unloaded Sid.

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.concurrent

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.concurrent
 class ConcurrentLoginException
          Thrown by ConcurrentSessionControllerImpl if an attempt is made to login and the user has already exceeded their maxmimum allowed sessions.
 class SessionAlreadyUsedException
          Thrown by a SessionRegistry implementation if an attempt is made to create new session information for an existing sessionId.

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.config

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.config
 class SecurityConfigurationException

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.providers

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.providers
 class ProviderNotFoundException
          Thrown by ProviderManager if no AuthenticationProvider could be found that supports the presented Authentication object.

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.providers.jaas

Methods in org.springframework.security.providers.jaas that return SpringSecurityException
 SpringSecurityException LoginExceptionResolver.resolveException(LoginException e)
          Translates a Jaas LoginException to an SpringSecurityException.
 SpringSecurityException DefaultLoginExceptionResolver.resolveException(LoginException e)

Methods in org.springframework.security.providers.jaas with parameters of type SpringSecurityException
protected  void JaasAuthenticationProvider.publishFailureEvent(UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken token, SpringSecurityException ase)
          Publishes the JaasAuthenticationFailedEvent.

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.providers.openid

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.providers.openid
 class AuthenticationCancelledException
          Indicates that OpenID authentication was cancelled

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.providers.rcp

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.providers.rcp
 class RemoteAuthenticationException
          Thrown if a RemoteAuthenticationManager cannot validate the presented authentication request.

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.ui.digestauth

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.ui.digestauth
 class NonceExpiredException
          Thrown if an authentication request is rejected because the digest nonce has expired.

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.ui.ntlm

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.ui.ntlm
 class NtlmBaseException
          Base class for NTLM exceptions so that it is easier to distinguish them from other AuthenticationExceptions in the NtlmProcessingFilterEntryPoint.
 class NtlmBeginHandshakeException
          Signals the beginning of an NTLM handshaking process.
 class NtlmType2MessageException
          Contains the NTLM Type 2 message that is sent back to the client during negotiations.

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.ui.openid

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.ui.openid
 class OpenIDAuthenticationRequiredException

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.ui.preauth

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.ui.preauth
 class PreAuthenticatedCredentialsNotFoundException

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.ui.rememberme

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.ui.rememberme
 class CookieTheftException
 class InvalidCookieException
          Exception thrown by a RememberMeServices implementation to indicate that a submitted cookie is of an invalid format or has expired.
 class RememberMeAuthenticationException

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.userdetails

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.userdetails
 class UsernameNotFoundException
          Thrown if an UserDetailsService implementation cannot locate a User by its username.

Uses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.util

Subclasses of SpringSecurityException in org.springframework.security.util
static class EncryptionUtils.EncryptionException

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