Spring Cloud Kubernetes

This reference guide covers how to use Spring Cloud Kubernetes.

Why do you need Spring Cloud Kubernetes?

Spring Cloud Kubernetes provides implementations of well known Spring Cloud interfaces allowing developers to build and run Spring Cloud applications on Kubernetes. While this project may be useful to you when building a cloud native application, it is also not a requirement in order to deploy a Spring Boot app on Kubernetes. If you are just getting started in your journey to running your Spring Boot app on Kubernetes you can accomplish a lot with nothing more than a basic Spring Boot app and Kubernetes itself. To learn more, you can get started by reading the Spring Boot reference documentation for deploying to Kubernetes and also working through the workshop material Spring and Kubernetes.

Configuration properties

To see the list of all Kubernetes related configuration properties please check the Appendix page.


Click here for basic building instructions.


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AOT and native image support

At this point, Spring Cloud Kubernetes does not support Spring Boot AOT transformations or native images. Partial support might be added in future releases.