Below you can find a list of all metrics declared by this project.

Mongodb Command Observation

Timer created around a MongoDB command execution.

Metric name Type timer.

Metric name Type long task timer.

KeyValues that are added after starting the Observation might be missing from the *.active metrics.
Micrometer internally uses nanoseconds for the baseunit. However, each backend determines the actual baseunit. (i.e. Prometheus uses seconds)

Fully qualified name of the enclosing class

Table 1. Low cardinality Keys



db.connection_string (required)

MongoDB connection string.

db.mongodb.collection (required)

MongoDB collection name. (required)

MongoDB database name.

db.operation (required)

MongoDB command value.

db.system (required)

MongoDB database system.

db.user (required)

MongoDB user. (required)

Name of the database host.

net.peer.port (required)

Logical remote port number.

net.sock.peer.addr (required)

Mongo peer address.

net.sock.peer.port (required)

Mongo peer port.

net.transport (required)

Network transport. (required)

MongoDB cluster identifier.